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Darkness returns

March 3, 2017

Someone asked me if i’d be interested in working with her putting together her portfolio so we swapped the body painting which I wrote about earlier here for a session of these darker images. I really love creating, I really think it’s a disease, but I like it.


Woman with flogger


Blue fan with white flowers

This model is quirky as I never know if and when I’ll see or hear from her. It’s not that I am paying her for her time she asked me if I wouldn’t mind shoot some images for her web site. We all have our own lives and things go on that we have no control over. She’s been pretty understanding, after all she put up with me pouring paint on her body and then taking I guess 4 or 6 showers to clean up.

I know she’s in school and has a job and just trying to start up a business so it’s time for me to be a little understanding.

I do enjoy working with her because she has a playful side of her that comes out, life isn’t all that serious. I should talk having two stomach ulcers but what’s parenthood for?


Black leather top

I enjoy spending time with her creating,  but with digital since I throw most of the lousy pictures away I don’t worry about cost. We do go over her proofs, likes and dislikes, then I add mine.


Let me look at you

And we move on.


and on


Lady of the night

She is a Dominate woman so some of these outfits are geared towards that lifestyle. I really don’t care so much about what people do for pleasure as long as they treat me well.


Look what I’ve got for you

Some of the images I edit I fool around with colors etc, or I just play with levels as this one


We both like this outfit  and I think it works better I color than B&W



Tell mother how bad you’ve been

I played with NIK silver software on this image, I think this turned out a bit different than plain old B&W.


Powerful pose but just one man’s opinion. At least I don’t have to edit 2000 pictures like someone I know.


I wonder what she keeps in the bag?



these last two images I love especially the last one.


Yes they are black lace panties

I think this image below typifies what I think our acting boy child President needs.


Come here Donny mommy has something for you.

So what happens in these sessions is we begin talking, dressing,  shooting. Lets try this, oh could we do this and so on until either one of tires out usually it’s me. It’s not brain surgery just a couple of people having fun creating a play world. This time I checked my shutter speed, live and learn.



Playing around with a new phase

November 7, 2016

It seems as if I’ve forgotten things I knew just a few moments ago. My computer is going wacky on me and every time I think it’s fixed out it goes. Even logging into fuzzy was a challenge trying to connect with a model via home I got a message call back later.

But the new phase is exploring how a liquid medium flows across a solid body, seems simple enough. But things don’t always go the way you envision them.

model in red

model in red

But when you’re just fooling around what ever you get is fun. This picture shows the whole set up having her set on a black covered bench against black backdrop. The clean up was done on her taking a shower between colors and cleaning the floor and blending in CS PS6.


We were alone and we would set her position  I poured the paint then grabbed the camera and shot a few pictures. Then off to the shower to wash her off while I cleaned off the set.

Some colors worked better than others or we were getting into it more.


Golden back

Golden back



golden streaks

golden streaks

















As I said sometimes it works, sometimes not but if one has to have someone fun to work with why not.




front view

front view proud lady
















I think this is one of my favorite shots

Portrait of a nude

Portrait of a nude

Laura didn’t need much direction and if I didn’t cut off her head feet and arms I thought we were doing pretty good.

Pink lady

Pink lady






This is an odd color for me but she had fun with it.

look what happens if I do this

look what happens if I do this














or this classic look


Off to the showers
















What's she thinking?

What’s she thinking?












sensual woman

sensual woman, showing everything revealing nothing














Time to put the house back in order enough fun for the day.


Tattoo and Shibari/Kinbaku experience

October 5, 2016

The other day a Model Mayhem male model contacted me about shooting some Time For Pictures shoot. His only request is that his face not be recognizable. They don’t call me Fuzzypictures for nothing, sure I am up for it.

For those who don’t know what Shibari is It’s an ancient Japanese art form developed during the Samari time for bonding their prisoners with rope. It is also referred to as the art of Kinbaku a sensual provocative form of Japanese erotic bondage now becoming popular in America.

That day and still today my flash receivers were acting wooky. Sometimes they worked sometimes not, so exposure was all over the place and I had a lot of over exposed throw aways along with some surprises.

I’ve wanted to add some spooky Images to Peau magazine for the autumn issue sort of as a theme and thought the tattoo’s might do the trick. Who knows what works and what doesn’t?

Tattooed male grasping his head and shoulders.

Dark Zen


Dark Zen

I haven’t gotten around to trying to adjust the over exposed images yet and maybe I won’t it’s a lot of work finding interesting people and shooting them then selecting images we both like.


Dark Zen

We chatted about our likes and dislikes but I never asked him the story of why so many tattoo’s. We did exchange information about who some of the tattoo artists were both his and mine where done as I shot.


Darkk Zen

If I don’t know and like the person ‘I am out of there.’ I am way too old to be uncomfortable anymore, been there done that. My work is about collaboration with the model around a theme, if there is one, I couldn’t do this type of photography without the model having ‘some chops’ as they say in jazz.


Dark Zen

I need to fix those strobes but this White Lightning 1200 Ultra keeps on kicking, I’ve only two left out of four but what a light.I didn’t need to give him much if any direction as he does this out of love also. I did show him images as we went along so he had an idea of what I was shooting.


Bamboo pole

We fooled around with this pole for awhile but it didn’t do anything for me not that we didn’t get some interesting shots of his hands holding the pole but I wanted some more so ‘Hey lets try this’ my favorite saying.


Prisoner of the dark  



I am reading a book called The Beauty of Kinbaku a history of the art and artists which got me thinking about what’s Japanese and one of the first think that comes to mind is Bamboo, so I go down to the flower district and find some. Who knew there was a vicious spider living in them and bit me on the elbow while I napped. Yeow some poison I sprayed the whole lot. I don’t like to kill spiders but he attacked me first.


Dark Zen

Well I’ve saved the best for last, although they were the first images we shot we both loved all of these but the first images blew me away. I looked at them and said ‘that’s it.’ I am not sure I could have planed them any better.


Dark Zen naked

But wait there is more, our first picture below.


What am I holding?

Yep that Ultra 1200 is something. This is from one of our first images sets. See I couldn’t do this without someone aware of the creative process.









Peau Magazine

December 2, 2015

Peau Magazine, a fine art magazine devoted to the landscape of skin,. Where we hope to share with the world our unique vision of skin ‘that which allows us to touch the world.’

Well we have managed to meet our publication goal of November 2015, just in time for Thanksgiving holiday.

peau new A

we hope you will enjoy our effort and share it amongst your friends. See a link here :

I’ve drawn from various photographers whom I’ve met in my photo journey . Jack Cutler, Mary Durante Youtt, Jeffery Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, Peter Le Grand and myself Jene Youtt.

We are always looking for additional contributions from photographers, models, hair & makeup artist, retouchers, as long as the subject matter is skin.

contact me at

this is a crazy city : N.Y. artist can paint nude models only after dark

October 13, 2011

NEW YORK (Reuters) – An artist arrested for applying body paint to a nude model in New York’s Times Square will have charges against him dropped if his models strip naked only after dark, according to a court agreement reached on Thursday.

Police arrested Andy Golub, 45, in July and charged him with violating public exposure and lewdness laws. He has been painting nude models for about three years.

Golub’s lawyer, Ronald Kuby, argued that New York laws do not prohibit public nudity in the name of art, and a compromise was reached that was the basis of the court ruling.

Under the agreement, “he is permitted to paint bare breasts any time, anywhere, but the G-strings have to stay on until daylight goes out,” Kuby said after a hearing in Manhattan criminal court.

State laws against public exposure exempt “any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, show or entertainment,” Kuby said. Municipalities are allowed to devise their own restrictions, but New York City generally does not do so, Kuby said.

Golub, of Nyack, New York, said he likes to paint nude models because their bodies have energy and dynamism that he finds lacking in canvas.

“I feel that when I do live body painting it’s a good thing, a positive thing,” he said.

Charges against Golub will be dropped in six months if he abides by the terms of the agreement and is not arrested again. Charges against Karla Storie, a model from Texas arrested with him, will be dismissed if she too is not arrested again in the next six months.

Golub said he was planning to return to criminal court on Friday and paint a nude model in a park near the courthouse.

(Reporting by Jonathan Allen; Editing by Ellen Wulfhorst and Jerry Norton)

collapsible Bubi water bottles, see it here first

August 18, 2011

yesterday i had a pleasant distraction as a friend Craig Madaus came over asking me a favor to take some pictures of his new venture Bubi Bottles which doesn’t have a web site yet but will be up next week at

these are pretty neat, soft collapsible bottles that you can roll for storage. more on that when the web site is up and running giving a link to buy them.

this came at a time i am getting ready for our extended car trip across America so i was a bit rushed. the studio wasn’t set up to shoot anything but we moved a table under a strobe lighting position but i felt better shooting this with tungsten lighting so i pulled out some ‘C’ stands to hold the roll of white paper, another to hold bounce card add a couple of Lowel KSA stands and DP lights and we were set to go.

lighting setup

Table top setup

simple right?

Bubi Bottles

single bottle

Bubi bottles collapsed

Bubi bottle rolled up

lonely bottle waiting to be filled

three different colors

as i said this was a down and dirty shoot. not too worried about the double shadows but on some shots i had Craig float in a black flag to try and eliminate the second shadow but we were both in a hurry and that’s not something he’s use to.

i did learn something from this shoot, when ever possible shot tethered to the computer as it makes focusing on the subject much more accurate. it’s not something one should leave to a small low res preview on the camera. on most of these images i stopped down somewhere around F 11  to get the depth of field allowing for everything to be in focus.

what i wound up doing was setting auto focus on then turning it off to fine focus the image. even that wasn’t fool proof so that’s why i said to shoot tethered  and on a tripod of course. but i don’t always think of these things as a spur of the moment things. it’s like lunch another thing i forget to do before my body grabs me saying ‘it’s lunch time’

today as i write this it’s 6pm and i am eating some raw carrots to stave off hunger pains. at least it’s healthy. so i’ll post this and get back to packing for the trip. i am a bit behind but have another day to get everything put together.


BalaSole dance company, creativity talent and humor

August 2, 2011

this past saturday we were invited down to Dance Theater Workshop space to see this company by an old friend  and collaborator who was performing as part of the company. it’s also nice to keep in touch with special people, to know they think of you and want to share their life/work.

Juan Michael Porter II 'BLUE' © jene youtt

what we found is a dance company who’s vision statement says

The vision of BalaSole Dance Company is to promote a balance in the field of concert dance where the general public can experience a dance concert filled with diversity and where artists are able to fully demonstrate their individual artistry.


By building the general public’s sensitivity to the imbalances that exist in the field of concert dance, BalaSole Dance Company hopes to:

–  Expand dance artists’ creative freedom and growth
–  Improve multiethnic representation in dance companies
–  Foster artistic and career mentorship of dance artists
–  Engender artistic collaboration in dance companies
–  Increase visibility for dance artists of all ages, shapes, and sizes
–  Promote versatility of dance artists in varied dance styles
–  Elevate compensation of many dance artists to an appropriate level
–  Increase outlets for emerging dance artists to learn from
professional dance artists
–  Provide dance artists a vehicle by which to showcase their full
artistic talents and identity to other companies for potential
–  Make the art of dance accessible to everyone
–  Broaden opportunities for male and female dance artists to become
–  Encourage greater male viewership, interest, and participation in
concert dance

if you’re a modern dancer who is looking for a company to join i would suggest this one. they come in all sizes, shapes, colors and sexes. go to their web site and click on auditions for the next opportunity to join.

the program we saw was a series of short solo pieces very well done with technical virtuosity, creativity and humor. here is a link to one reviewers blog highlighting each dancer and an additional page at

so i’d suggest keeping an eye out for this highly creative dance company. living here in this city it’s so hard keeping on top of interesting things to do as we are almost overloaded. i know i am. but we are a social group of living organisms so what better place to socialize than in a cool theater watching young talent grow.

can life be better than that?


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