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Grey day play

December 12, 2016

Be forewarned there is female nudity here so if it offends you leave before viewing.

The other day a traveling model from Model mayhem recontacted me about shooting together and this has been a slow month maybe even longer than a month since shooting and I liked a couple of her portfolio pictures and I though, why not? I just had a cancelation on another shoot and I was ready. I do get excited about shoots even a headshot, my wife describes this as nervous but I think of it as anticipation which I think we artists all share. Will I be good enough, will what ever I am planing work, will people laugh at me? They have. Taking photos isn’t a life and death situation unless it is.

As you can read latter in this post how I screwed up during this session. Oh well.

Zi rang my bell 7 minutes before the arranged time, that’s a positive sign which means she’s professional and a smart lady even caught some type o’s in my model release, cool. We talked about makeup well lipstick color which she applied while I pulled down the paper. Then we looked through some clothes I had and made a pile to try.


Beginning with this jacket I don’t remember having, it’s nice to discover something new. I really didn’t need to direct her because she would go from pose after hearing the click of the shutter. I see I should have fixed her face as it looks rough in this pose. I do try and make women look nice, must be something I got from my mother.


Since the lighting is mostly set up I usually turn on and turn off units as needed. Which gets boring and I keep telling myself I need to  get out of this rut. But here I go again.


I don’t think she ever said no to anything I suggested. A lovely pleasant young woman easy to work with.




She did most of the work all I did was plug and unplug things and push the shutter. She had some Shibari rope work in her portfolio and I had asked her if she was up for it. ‘Sure’. She has her own rigger which is a bit intimidating to me the beginner.


This is what I came up with her. I’ve always wanted to do a braided tie like this, I don ‘t know the names these ties but go on the visual effect


not too bold but interesting for just one rope length.There feels as something is incomplete with this tie as it goes around the waist with no beginning nor end. Is there ever?


we tried on the different clothes again. Someone had given me this headdress awhile ago but never found the opportunity I think it works here.


We talked during the shoot to loose the Voyeuristic quality of the moments and to become human beings and not objects. I guess Zi would be called a ‘rope bunny’ which is what women are called who enjoy the freedom of being bound.


Zi has a boyfriend and a different rope play partner/rigger receiving different needs from both. Working with these women is so insightful for me from the first woman who said she enjoyed being tied up. That surprised me somewhat as we had never talked about that before. But the more I learn the more I know.


That there is a freedom and delicacy in not being in charge. Hell I get that feeling of not being in charge when ever I go to work at the Beacon as soon as I leave the house.


At some point in time I accidentally moved the sync shutter speed out of sync with the flash units, going up to 250 from Canon 200. Check, check, check remember to take off lens cap.Check shutter speeds.

As you can see here the right side of the above picture is dark because stupid me didn’t check the shutter speed as I had moved it off the sync speed. Imagine my chagrin when looking at them in bridge.Sometimes I shoot bigger thinking I will crop latter but then I get so involved I forget, oops.So a few didn’t make the HD.


This one only the chair is darker so no big deal


But most of this series on the rug is trash as you can see below.Ugh



I am glad someone wasn’t paying me for this shoot. All though I did pull something out of this but nothing is perfect. Oh well.



These below I managed to save  because of cropping


Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. What I was trying to do here is show off this lovely woman who had worked so hard for me.


It wasn’t an unproductive afternoon for neither of us. I learned an important part of photography check, check, check everything. I always say it not quantity but quality


so if I only get a few pictures I can use fine. This afternoon I connected with another human being and made a few enjoyable pictures. _mg_3619

So this is all I have to share today. I hope my few readers enjoy my efforts. At least two of us walked away with something we came for.Then as planned I took a nap.



Playing around with a new phase

November 7, 2016

It seems as if I’ve forgotten things I knew just a few moments ago. My computer is going wacky on me and every time I think it’s fixed out it goes. Even logging into fuzzy was a challenge trying to connect with a model via home I got a message call back later.

But the new phase is exploring how a liquid medium flows across a solid body, seems simple enough. But things don’t always go the way you envision them.

model in red

model in red

But when you’re just fooling around what ever you get is fun. This picture shows the whole set up having her set on a black covered bench against black backdrop. The clean up was done on her taking a shower between colors and cleaning the floor and blending in CS PS6.


We were alone and we would set her position  I poured the paint then grabbed the camera and shot a few pictures. Then off to the shower to wash her off while I cleaned off the set.

Some colors worked better than others or we were getting into it more.


Golden back

Golden back



golden streaks

golden streaks

















As I said sometimes it works, sometimes not but if one has to have someone fun to work with why not.




front view

front view proud lady
















I think this is one of my favorite shots

Portrait of a nude

Portrait of a nude

Laura didn’t need much direction and if I didn’t cut off her head feet and arms I thought we were doing pretty good.

Pink lady

Pink lady






This is an odd color for me but she had fun with it.

look what happens if I do this

look what happens if I do this














or this classic look


Off to the showers
















What's she thinking?

What’s she thinking?












sensual woman

sensual woman, showing everything revealing nothing














Time to put the house back in order enough fun for the day.


old work revisited or catching up with sending photos

November 18, 2011

today i’ve a cold and still feeling lousy and my typing hasn’t improved either. but i am trying to catch up on work, yea i call this work some might think it’s fun sitting here in front of a computer screen where the day goes by so quickly. did i eat today, what time is it? opps

life could be worst as i am wondering what to do about all the spam comments i am getting here. i did like one from a learn at home belly dancing course. here are some quotes

1) Vary your speed – slow, medium, or fast
2) Vary the intensity of your energy – soft or hard
3) Vary the number of times you work each side of the body
4) Change the direction you are facing
5) Change your level by raising or lowering your body
6) Do your move standing pivoting, or traveling
7) Change the direction of your move

is it me or does this sound like SEX? speaking of sexy or nudes not sure they are all sexy especially after looking at model mayhem daily photo contest i’ve reworked some images to send to waiting models only today i converted them to B&W’s silly me.

female nude

but the model who i was sending the images is a male who was part of this session so i’ll try and concentrate on that task



i was trying to work with a theme here of non-communication using the black rubber gloves as a barrier to actual touching


 or this attitude

is something touching me

i think she was a good sport, although she was paid she really didn’t understand what i am looking for but gave what she could.


the male didn’t feel too comfortable here either or inexperienced. this was everybody’s first time working together maybe i should have been more active in my direction, oh well

remove shroud

overall i think i got some nice images although the female model didn’t want any of the images for her portfolio, can’t please everyone.


well at least i can cross this off the list. the male model sent me an email looking for work for himself and another female in fine art or erotica. hum i wonder what people will think of this work’s category erotic/fine art? i’ve my own opinion but hey who am i?

if any readers are interested in working with me do get in contact with me through my web site. i only publish work here of paid models not some of my paid work which is private unless i am given permission.


Cheerleaders Banned from wearing Breast Cancer T shirts

October 14, 2011

Lately it’s almost a everday occurance that i wonder why i ever served in this countries armed forces to protect the american way of life if these types of things go on.

ABC News’ Carrie Gann reports:

Cheerleaders at Gilbert High School in Gilbert, Ariz., can’t wear the pink t-shirts they bought to raise money for breast cancer research because the school’s administrators claim the slogan they bear is inappropriate.

According to a Thursday report in the Arizona Republic, the squad’s shirts say “Feel for lumps, save your bumps,” and the team planned to wear them during the school’s football games during their cheers on the field and while collecting money from the crowd.

Gaylee Skowronek, the cheer booster club president, told the Arizona Republic the administration approved the squad’s plan to raise money, but the school’s principal, J. Charles Santa Cruz, objected to the slogan on the shirts and banned the cheerleaders from wearing them.

“We thought the shirt was age-appropriate,” Skowronek said. “I think it’s hypocritical they would approve a fundraiser for breast-cancer research but they won’t approve a shirt to bring awareness to breast cancer.”

“All we want to do is support the cause and raise money for breast-cancer research,” said Ashlee, 16, a member of the squad.

This is not the first time breast cancer awareness campaigns have caused a stir for edgy messages. The Keep a Breast Foundation makes bracelets and t-shirts that say “I [heart] Boobies” and distributes them to young people with the goal of raising their breast cancer awareness. The bracelets have been banned by several school districts across the U.S., but in April, a federal judge in Pennsylvania upheld public school students’ rights to wear them.

Other breast cancer organizations are more cautious when it comes to supporting campaigns with these kinds of messages.

“While Komen for the Cure tends to stick with more mainstream language about breasts, we do understand that young people talk differently than adults,” said Andrea Rader, the director of marketing communications of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a network of breast cancer survivors and activists based in Dallas. “We generally support efforts to educate and engage young people, especially young women, about this disease.”

JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest

October 13, 2011

Breasts… They Need Your Support!

With National Breast Cancer Month (October) upon us (, we want to throw our support behind some great organizations that are helping those patients, survivors, families and others that have been affected by this disease.

This Shoot Out photo contest is intended, mirroring the goal of NBCAM, to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Enter your images that promote breast cancer awareness and/or celebrate the beauty, strength, spirit and nurture threatened by the disease. Enter your images that tell a story of inspiration, of strength, of survival. Enter your images that are touching, humorous, sensual, perceptive… real.

We want to really make a splash. We’ve got lofty goals for this contest and would love to see the total raised get OVER $100,000. To do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need everyone to get the word out… share this on Facebook, Twitter, via email. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your clients, your kids’ friends… everyone.

The ‘starting pot’ will be $100 in total, but we want to see a truly inspiring number here. So help us get these numbers growing! Help us demonstrate the power of images to help raise awareness and money to make a difference!

We’ll be updating the prizing as the entries come in, so check back… and enter as often as you can! You’re supporting a great cause!

Remember, a portion of the proceeds from your entry fees will be donated to these fine charities to help in the ongoing battle against this disease:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure,, and Standup2cancer (su2c) – you can also visit these links directly to learn more and/or donate.

Once the contest has closed and winners have been announced, the cash prizes will be awarded and the donations paid to the 3 charities.

Enter now~!       JPG Blog

P.S. To do more to advance the discussion, awareness and overall message of breast cancer awareness, prevention, detection, treatment and support check out:

Cafe Express







The Keep A Breast Foundation



Check them out. Be aware.

To help spread the word on your site or blog, check out these slogan buttons (and others from Blogaholicdesigns):

Show Your Support- Grab A Badge

good luck all log in or sign up for JPG Community

recent work, nude couple

June 16, 2011

well i’ve begun a new project which really is an outgrowth on my old theme of non-communication. the shoot went off well, except the models were late and had i been paying for the space i’d be upset but i wasn’t. a friend of mine let me use his space and a couple of strobes.

i decided to use a black background because it seemed easier but in looking at what i got in camera it was devoid of any place or time. i was working with two new people the male i’d met months ago but had only emailed the female and looked at her MM portfolio #119873. 

i had discussed the concept with both of them before hand so as not to have any issues arise which didn’t happen. of course there are limits on what is allowable especially when a stranger is touching you. we all have these and professional models have a public image to protect.

so as is my habit of not looking at images right after i shoot them i waited a couple of days and made my primary picks which mary also added a couple of images but looking at them in bridge i wasn’t too excited. during the shoot the models needed more direction than my dancer dance images, which was a challenge for both of us. mary’s suggestion to use actors instead of models seems like a good idea.

it seemed the male was afraid to get close to valentine keeping a safe distance. i had to keep moving him closer to her. she didn’t really project the dominant cat like qualities i was looking for. of course my direction was also missing which i need to improve on.

nude couple

so i reverted to one of my old tricks of covering one or the other with cloth, in a way i am tired of that but it works. using the  black gloves as props are clumsy for sure but i though they would convey the message of not being able to feel a touch wearing them. not that he didn’t caress her boobs sometimes nor did she complain the movements seemed awkward.

ships hole

the backgrounds i put in later because here they were hanging in this blackness like human blobs. thank goodness for all my photoshop training, oh and having all these different generic backgrounds.

we worked for a couple hours alternating between them as a couple and some single session. i got better shots of her when we did our one on one stuff.  i had brought along a couple of props, the pearls and a black mask as well as the cloth.

nude with pearls

then this one of her covered with a cloth

nude with smoke

and a close up with different background

female nude wearing cloth cover

this is the final one from this series that i’ve worked on and of course i save the best until last.

Ghost room

so the search goes to find the perfect models/actors who are able to express my ideas and my training in learning how to convey my ideas so they can express them. if anyone reading this blog would like to work with me and are in the new york area or planning to visit drop me a line. i am open to new ideas and concepts.

take care


Martha Graham meet Robert Wilson in snow on the mesa

March 23, 2011

last weekend mary and i had the opportunity to see the Martha Graham Dance Company perform at the Rose theater at Lincoln Center. mary wrote about Martha Graham performance on her blog and also about our weekend atthe Architectural Digest Design Show at Pier 94 along with The Artists Project at Pier 92.

i have never been involved with martha graham’s work nor seen the company perform before, yes i had performances of martha on film and tape but never the company live. i do know there have been all kinds of legal hassles about who owned the performance rights etc. always a dasterdly thing for any artist especially a performance artist, which dance is. who will remember your work if they never see it?

we were both excited and dressed for the occasion, mary in a black dress with black wraparound frock and shoes with zippers on them, i don’t remember what i wore but i wasn’t naked.

this evening the company was performing ‘Snow on the Mesa’ (portrait of martha) ‘a personal portrait of Martha Graham’ not seen since 1996 by Robert Wilson, it evokes the creative journey of the artist—“the path that chose her,” as Graham has said.

Maple Leaf Rag by Martha Graham her last complete ballet as the program notes ‘takes a sly look at the foibles of a contemporary choreographer and gently mocks the plight of the artist in the throes of creation.’ i wish i had the chance to see more of the companies repertory but life is so busy at times or is it that i am so slow.

i’ve always been amazed by Wilsons work ever since working on ‘einstein on the beach’ at the metropolitan opera house and thinking this is weird but haunting. what i did learn about wilson is that he participates in an interdisciplinary laboratory for the arts and humanities at the Watermill center on long island,  NY. this is so cool giving back to the young artistic community your experience and guidance, something i’ve always thought the great broadway musical composers should have done in order to help young composers achieve good quality american musicals.

we both liked the evenings performances but wilson is wilson and his hand was everywhere in ‘snow’ which i enjoyed. very dramatic for sure and in the style of graham with big black costumes and exceptional use of color or the lack of.

see a review of sorts in Art Fag City

the musical score which at times was nothing more than wind howling added or subtracted depending on your point of view. some of the lighting was breathtaking while at other times just functional, lots of use of follow spots, three i think at one point with some inspired use of color, as shown here

but none the less i sat there enjoying the tribute to graham’s lifes work. i do know one of the featured dancers with the company

Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch

who danced the Navaho Rug section with contractions and expansions galore and a few others who have traversed the graham world. if one wants to know more about Martha Graham’s life and artistic direction try to see Ovation TV show Martha Graham: The Dance Revealed

what for me was a distraction were the bouncing boobies, yes the nude top costumes are a distraction. don’t get me wrong i like exposed boobies but there are times and places for everything. bare boobies are a draw that’s for sure but i don’t think they help the dance.

as for nude dancers Martha Clarke’s dance Garden of Earthly Delights used full nude body tights which didn’t take anything away for the piece except the distraction of  private parts swinging in the breeze. everyone has their own take on this for sure.  right this way to see the egress. what ever gets them in the door.

but knowing how hard it is to keep a company running from my experience with the Jose Limon company and what Carla Maxwell has struggled with adding new choreographers and pieces to the companies repertory just to keep it interesting and current, now i love all of Jose’s work but i also tire of seeing the same thing over and over. what ever brings new people exposed to the work is positive.

so it is that dance has strange bedfellows at times. it’s an art form i love dearly and the world would be a harsher place without it.what i did do on our way out because i know some dance companies receive a fair amount of income from memorabilia was to buy the book ‘Acts of light’ by John Deane & Nan Cano. i’ve started to read it as is my habit before falling asleep. that’s not to say it’s a slow book it’s just my habit of reading.

see the nytimes review for the professional opinion, i am just a fan of dance as i don’t get paid for my opinions, oh well


Diogenes daughter revealed living in NYC

February 9, 2011

this going to be a rambling post because that’s what i am feeling now. i don’t have my best listener here, it’s been 9 days since shadow passed away. i am slowly putting her stuff away bit by bit. why am i saving it? don’t really know, maybe i’ll want another dog but not soon.

life is moving along, i shouldn’t have any complaints now, no one to listen to them anyways. what ever problems i have i’ve created them myself because of the way i deal with or not deal with life. at least now i can turn up the music loud; Blondie ‘no exit’ and drown out the world without worrying about hurting doggies ears.

odd how these days come and go. yesterday was a lovely treat. i got a nice present in the form of a phone conversation that i didn’t expect. a young model came over to the studio wanting to work with me. she saw my work on a model mayhem page and asked to do a shoot. hey why not?

portrait of a young girl with gold chain

young woman portrait

i do portraits but i also wanted to explore women’s lingerie. open my horizons as it were. when i was a young man the only thing i thought about it was how fast i could get it removed but as i’ve aged i appreciate them more. i like to get pretty things for my honey, i think mary gets embarrassed when we go shopping for undergarments but i like the way she looks in them. it’s still a process of getting them off her but i like to know how pretty she looks under her clothes.

people contact me about all kinds of shoots and at some point i have to ask ‘ have you seen my portfolio? ‘ so it’s nice to find someone who has and likes to improv as i do. we began with her dressed in a white corset outfit and like every other thing in life new beginnings are delicate dance.

young woman

cute huh. but we were both pretty bored with this setting  so we moved the chair out of the way and i decided to explore something i’ve been think to do.

white corset

then CB we move in for our close up

young girl in white corset

white corset back



corset laces

and i became fascinated with how close i could get with my lens, it not being a micro, and still get an erotic feeling to this session. so i moved the model around looking for interesting compositions. as i said we were both exploring, it’s not brain surgery.

white thong

but i would suggest if you’re photographing nudes it might be wise to do it in a warm studio. yes the lights do help somewhat and i wasn’t cold wearing a t-shirt but it might effect the pictures if it’s a bit chilly.

woman's boob with shadow

notice a lovely picture of goose bumps. we both like this picture but it’s not going to get this model any work without an explanation. oh well. then she asked if we could do something with a lantern she had seen on a shelf. ‘sure why not?’

Diogenes daughter

she didn’t know who Diogenes was but i am sure people won’t even ask seeing this picture. she loved this when she saw it. i am not sure if i like this one or the one below better.  she loved this picture as one she could send home to mom. that’s nice, i like helping young girls sending wholesome pictures back home from new york, ‘look mom what i’ve been up to?’

i did think she could show this picture to her grand children as to how she looked as a young woman, maybe not something you share with your children but grand children seem safely removed. they might never imagine what you looked like as a youngster.

Diogenes daughter listens

but what the heck we both had fun and no animals were hurt in the process.


rainy monday mornings work, Aubrey in corsets

September 27, 2010

this past sunday i worked with a young woman model named aubrey doing an Edwardian corseted shoot. i’d been toying with the idea of using a mirror i’d found on the street years ago which had some damage which i thought would be easily fixable, i was right and can’t notice the repair, even my critical eye.

the last female nude shoot with keira grant i did was to complete my adam and eve series but in thinking about it, while i got some good single nudes what i really need are  images of them together which seems harder than i thought it would be to find the right couple. so i moved on to panama project which is still very much in the works and forgot about nudes for a while.

i found aubrey through and adv in manhattan figure study group, a group i’d left along time ago because i would light something and people would take pictures and post then on the internet as their work, yes they did push the shutter so it was their picture but i never got credit for lighting it. i don’t mind teaching people how to, which is what i use this blog for but these are my images and i mark and copyright them as such.

aubrey intrigued me with the offer of having edwardian corset props. i wondered how i’d look in one but we are different sizes. but  letting my imagination run free anyways i remembered the mirror so i contacted her. she was excited about the idea as well so when she had some free time we booked it for sunday afternoon. mary was able help set up the studio beforehand but had to leave due to prior commitment.

the set up consisted mostly of blacking out the room as i had figured the lighting positions beforehand, three lights – one with a softbox strip over the mirror and one from each side. simple.

although in this image there are only two lights being used due to my fooling around with them, but it worked out because the back light also lights her face due to reflection in mirror.

female nude with white edwardian corset

i’ve decided to start taking head shots of all my models because a lot of people are looking for the perfect photographer to capture their images, make to make themselves a star and why not? we are all here together.

aubrey zich

this is an un-retouched image straight from the camera, nice to have great skin.i am a master of finding ugly angles but having young models helps.

female nude with curtain & mirror

female nude with curtain & mirror

this was the big set up even for the head shots, i wanted to try and get the curtain pattern projected on her body but it didn’t work here. i’ve done this on movies and television but would have taken more hands than i had. so do the shot and move on.

female nude wearing white corset

female nude wearing white corset

i think we got some nice images out of this afternoon, btw it does take a lot of time getting into and out of these things as they lace up.

female nude adjusting white corset

but i do think the afternoon was well worth the effort although i didn’t have to get in and out of those corsets

corseted female wearing blk mask & boots

corseted female wearing blk mask & boots

these are her street boots that i think add an (erotic) dimension to the session, that of course depends on ones pov.

corseted female putting on stockings

masked corseted female putting on stockings

but stockings and garters are always fun unless you get caught up in them, ouch.

White corseted woman

did someone come in ?

but then i said gee i’ve got this study i am finding it hard to find people to work on which is about peoples ability to be able to touch each other both physically and mentally which these

female nude wearing pearls & black gloves

wearing pearls & black gloves


this one below is one of my favorites as everything lines up nicely. of course we changed the set up somewhat and got all  the lighting working for this shot.

corseted female nude

looking in a mirror as young girls do

but there are a lot more images, it’s just i am tired of working on computer. it must be lunch time, what i missed lunch again and it’s now dinner? now i know where my life goes, down some pixel hole working to blind the photographer. do you know there are a group of blind photographers working?

i’ve got to do something about my web presence these half measures aren’t cutting it. well it’s suppose to rain again tomorrow.


not sure what i like anymore

July 1, 2010

here are some images that i am not sure which ones i like or that really work so i am asking you for help in pointing me in a direction


female semi nude profile

female semi nude profile


3/4 female nude

3/4 female nude


covered up

all though i do like the one looking at us i do have another preference but i’ll keep that to myself and hopefully see which one you like.


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