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Darkness returns

March 3, 2017

Someone asked me if i’d be interested in working with her putting together her portfolio so we swapped the body painting which I wrote about earlier here for a session of these darker images. I really love creating, I really think it’s a disease, but I like it.


Woman with flogger


Blue fan with white flowers

This model is quirky as I never know if and when I’ll see or hear from her. It’s not that I am paying her for her time she asked me if I wouldn’t mind shoot some images for her web site. We all have our own lives and things go on that we have no control over. She’s been pretty understanding, after all she put up with me pouring paint on her body and then taking I guess 4 or 6 showers to clean up.

I know she’s in school and has a job and just trying to start up a business so it’s time for me to be a little understanding.

I do enjoy working with her because she has a playful side of her that comes out, life isn’t all that serious. I should talk having two stomach ulcers but what’s parenthood for?


Black leather top

I enjoy spending time with her creating,  but with digital since I throw most of the lousy pictures away I don’t worry about cost. We do go over her proofs, likes and dislikes, then I add mine.


Let me look at you

And we move on.


and on


Lady of the night

She is a Dominate woman so some of these outfits are geared towards that lifestyle. I really don’t care so much about what people do for pleasure as long as they treat me well.


Look what I’ve got for you

Some of the images I edit I fool around with colors etc, or I just play with levels as this one


We both like this outfit  and I think it works better I color than B&W



Tell mother how bad you’ve been

I played with NIK silver software on this image, I think this turned out a bit different than plain old B&W.


Powerful pose but just one man’s opinion. At least I don’t have to edit 2000 pictures like someone I know.


I wonder what she keeps in the bag?



these last two images I love especially the last one.


Yes they are black lace panties

I think this image below typifies what I think our acting boy child President needs.


Come here Donny mommy has something for you.

So what happens in these sessions is we begin talking, dressing,  shooting. Lets try this, oh could we do this and so on until either one of tires out usually it’s me. It’s not brain surgery just a couple of people having fun creating a play world. This time I checked my shutter speed, live and learn.




Grey day play

December 12, 2016

Be forewarned there is female nudity here so if it offends you leave before viewing.

The other day a traveling model from Model mayhem recontacted me about shooting together and this has been a slow month maybe even longer than a month since shooting and I liked a couple of her portfolio pictures and I though, why not? I just had a cancelation on another shoot and I was ready. I do get excited about shoots even a headshot, my wife describes this as nervous but I think of it as anticipation which I think we artists all share. Will I be good enough, will what ever I am planing work, will people laugh at me? They have. Taking photos isn’t a life and death situation unless it is.

As you can read latter in this post how I screwed up during this session. Oh well.

Zi rang my bell 7 minutes before the arranged time, that’s a positive sign which means she’s professional and a smart lady even caught some type o’s in my model release, cool. We talked about makeup well lipstick color which she applied while I pulled down the paper. Then we looked through some clothes I had and made a pile to try.


Beginning with this jacket I don’t remember having, it’s nice to discover something new. I really didn’t need to direct her because she would go from pose after hearing the click of the shutter. I see I should have fixed her face as it looks rough in this pose. I do try and make women look nice, must be something I got from my mother.


Since the lighting is mostly set up I usually turn on and turn off units as needed. Which gets boring and I keep telling myself I need to  get out of this rut. But here I go again.


I don’t think she ever said no to anything I suggested. A lovely pleasant young woman easy to work with.




She did most of the work all I did was plug and unplug things and push the shutter. She had some Shibari rope work in her portfolio and I had asked her if she was up for it. ‘Sure’. She has her own rigger which is a bit intimidating to me the beginner.


This is what I came up with her. I’ve always wanted to do a braided tie like this, I don ‘t know the names these ties but go on the visual effect


not too bold but interesting for just one rope length.There feels as something is incomplete with this tie as it goes around the waist with no beginning nor end. Is there ever?


we tried on the different clothes again. Someone had given me this headdress awhile ago but never found the opportunity I think it works here.


We talked during the shoot to loose the Voyeuristic quality of the moments and to become human beings and not objects. I guess Zi would be called a ‘rope bunny’ which is what women are called who enjoy the freedom of being bound.


Zi has a boyfriend and a different rope play partner/rigger receiving different needs from both. Working with these women is so insightful for me from the first woman who said she enjoyed being tied up. That surprised me somewhat as we had never talked about that before. But the more I learn the more I know.


That there is a freedom and delicacy in not being in charge. Hell I get that feeling of not being in charge when ever I go to work at the Beacon as soon as I leave the house.


At some point in time I accidentally moved the sync shutter speed out of sync with the flash units, going up to 250 from Canon 200. Check, check, check remember to take off lens cap.Check shutter speeds.

As you can see here the right side of the above picture is dark because stupid me didn’t check the shutter speed as I had moved it off the sync speed. Imagine my chagrin when looking at them in bridge.Sometimes I shoot bigger thinking I will crop latter but then I get so involved I forget, oops.So a few didn’t make the HD.


This one only the chair is darker so no big deal


But most of this series on the rug is trash as you can see below.Ugh



I am glad someone wasn’t paying me for this shoot. All though I did pull something out of this but nothing is perfect. Oh well.



These below I managed to save  because of cropping


Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. What I was trying to do here is show off this lovely woman who had worked so hard for me.


It wasn’t an unproductive afternoon for neither of us. I learned an important part of photography check, check, check everything. I always say it not quantity but quality


so if I only get a few pictures I can use fine. This afternoon I connected with another human being and made a few enjoyable pictures. _mg_3619

So this is all I have to share today. I hope my few readers enjoy my efforts. At least two of us walked away with something we came for.Then as planned I took a nap.


things i am looking forward to do when i get back from hawaii….. woohoo

January 30, 2012

we are off to Hawaii [the big island]  tomorrow, apartment is secure from the neighborhood burglar, as secure as i can make it now, so don’t worry it never does any good anyways. have most of camera gear with me and i’ll try to be more careful this trip. i am sure i’ve over packed too much clothing but don’t know what we’ll run into. humpbacked whales breaching woohoo, redhot lava flows, volcanos active and not, lots of stars, sandy beaches, hawaiian shirts. plenty of sunscreen and cf cards.

this is our 1st year anversary after having put our dog to sleep ending her suffering. of course i have to dream about her last night. part of growing older being seperated from the ones we love. something to look forward to. oh well i’ve nothing but fond memories of her.

now if i could only figure out how to relieve my sons suffering but he’s not an honest person with anybody and without honesty there’s not going to be much progress. i think he’s on his way to living in a cardboard box and hollering curse words at passing people, talk about pain there it is. theres noting i can do about it.

yesterday we went to see ‘Crazy Horse’ at film forum, Celebrated documentary director Frederick Wiseman spent ten weeks with his camera exploring one of the most mythic places dedicated to women: ‘The Crazy Horse.’

Over the years this legendary Parisian cabaret club, founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, has become the Parisian nightlife ‘must’ for any visitors, ranking alongside the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. which i thought was beautifully lit but it’s the crazy horse. what’s not to like except the length of the movie, but wonderful anyways.

these are some of the things i am looking forward to do when we get back. well these and getting ready for a joint exhibit with mary in Lancaster PA beginning in April. i will post more on the exhibit closer to the date when we figure out what’s going to be shown.

it’s so wonderful living in a cultural center, we get an opportunity to see so much as it comes through. walking down the street today i saw shoots coming up to meet the sun, they think it’s spring already. now if only i could get my wireless system to work. oh well.

heres the partial list:

Weegee at icp

Weegee: Murder Is My Business

January 20–September 2, 2012

For an intense decade between 1935 and 1946, Weegee (1899–1968) was one of the most relentlessly inventive figures in American photography. His graphically dramatic and often lurid photographs of New York crimes and news events set the standard for what has become known as tabloid journalism. Freelancing for a variety of New York newspapers and photo agencies, and later working as a stringer for the short-lived liberal daily PM (1940–48), Weegee established a way of combining photographs and texts that was distinctly different from that promoted by other picture magazines, such as LIFE. Utilizing other distribution venues, Weegee also wrote extensively (including his autobiographical Naked City, published in 1945) and organized his own exhibitions at the Photo League. This exhibition draws upon the extensive Weegee Archive at ICP and includes environmental recreations of Weegee’s apartment and exhibitions. The exhibition is organized by ICP Chief Curator Brian Wallis.

cindy sherman at moma:

Cindy Sherman. Untitled #466. 2008. Chromogenic color print, 8' 1 1/8 x 63 15/16" (246.7 x 162.4 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Acquired through the generosity of Robert B. Menschel in honor of Jerry I. Speyer. © 2011 Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

February 26–June 11, 2012

The Joan and Preston Robert Tisch Exhibition Gallery, sixth floor

Cindy Sherman (American, b. 1954) is widely recognized as one of the most important and influential artists in contemporary art. Throughout her career, she has presented a sustained, eloquent, and provocative exploration of the construction of contemporary identity and the nature of representation, drawn from the unlimited supply of images from movies, TV, magazines, the Internet, and art history. Working as her own model for more than 30 years, Sherman has captured herself in a range of guises and personas which are at turns amusing and disturbing, distasteful and affecting. To create her photographs, she assumes multiple roles of photographer, model, makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, and wardrobe mistress. With an arsenal of wigs, costumes, makeup, prosthetics, and props, Sherman has deftly altered her physique and surroundings to create a myriad of intriguing tableaus and characters, from screen siren to clown to aging socialite.

Bringing together more than 180 photographs, this retrospective survey traces the artist’s career from the mid 1970s to the present. Highlighted in the exhibition are in-depth presentations of her key series, including the groundbreaking series “Untitled Film Stills” (1977–80), the black-and-white pictures that feature the artist in stereotypical female roles inspired by 1950s and 1960s Hollywood, film noir, and European art-house films; her ornate history portraits (1989–90), in which the artist poses as aristocrats, clergymen, and milkmaids in the manner of old master paintings; and her larger-than-life society portraits (2008) that address the experience and representation of aging in the context of contemporary obsessions with youth and status. The exhibition will explore dominant themes throughout Sherman’s career, including artifice and fiction; cinema and performance; horror and the grotesque; myth, carnival, and fairy tale; and gender and class identity. Also included are Sherman’s recent photographic murals (2010), which will have their American premiere at MoMA.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Sherman has selected films from MoMA’s collection, which will be screened in MoMA’s theaters during the course of the exhibition. A major publication will accompany the exhibition.

The exhibition is organized by Eva Respini, Associate Curator, with Lucy Gallun, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Photography.

Major support for the exhibition is provided by Jerry I. Speyer and Katherine G. Farley, The Modern Women’s Fund, and The William Randolph Hearst Endowment Fund.

Additional funding is provided by The Broad Art Foundation, David Dechman and Michel Mercure, Robert B. Menschel, Allison and Neil Rubler, Richard and Laura Salomon, The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Glenstone, Michèle Gerber Klein, Richard and Heidi Rieger, Ann and Mel Schaffer, and The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art.

thoughts for today, no nudes opps

December 18, 2011

i know it’s almost christmas time and a lot of people come here for the nude photos, some of my work is about human figure studies and yes at my age i still enjoy naked bodies. i’ve always thought bodies are beautiful even a 747 is a lovely designed body.

some internet groups i belong to don’t really enjoy my work, hey maybe i don’t still belong to them i’d better check. i am like groucho marx who said ‘he’d not join a group who’d have him’ or something like that. my previous post on cindy sherman is about an artist/photographer doing what they want to do and not worrying about what people thought about their work, picasso also comes to mind as another. yet people are clamoring for their work. i’ve one collector who said they wanted to hang my ‘Puppy love’ next to sherman. how cool is that?

puppy love

Puppy love

do i think my work should be considered with these artist, why not ? all though i am not reinventing the wheel, well maybe my own red wagon. well then i am doing what i want more or less as this graphic shows ‘whats the problem ?’

ok no problem

 well since it is christmas week i’ll give in a little and post what i call an ‘Angel ‘ yes it’s a nude….. my public demands it.


have a safe and happy holiday !


JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest

October 13, 2011

Breasts… They Need Your Support!

With National Breast Cancer Month (October) upon us (, we want to throw our support behind some great organizations that are helping those patients, survivors, families and others that have been affected by this disease.

This Shoot Out photo contest is intended, mirroring the goal of NBCAM, to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Enter your images that promote breast cancer awareness and/or celebrate the beauty, strength, spirit and nurture threatened by the disease. Enter your images that tell a story of inspiration, of strength, of survival. Enter your images that are touching, humorous, sensual, perceptive… real.

We want to really make a splash. We’ve got lofty goals for this contest and would love to see the total raised get OVER $100,000. To do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need everyone to get the word out… share this on Facebook, Twitter, via email. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your clients, your kids’ friends… everyone.

The ‘starting pot’ will be $100 in total, but we want to see a truly inspiring number here. So help us get these numbers growing! Help us demonstrate the power of images to help raise awareness and money to make a difference!

We’ll be updating the prizing as the entries come in, so check back… and enter as often as you can! You’re supporting a great cause!

Remember, a portion of the proceeds from your entry fees will be donated to these fine charities to help in the ongoing battle against this disease:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure,, and Standup2cancer (su2c) – you can also visit these links directly to learn more and/or donate.

Once the contest has closed and winners have been announced, the cash prizes will be awarded and the donations paid to the 3 charities.

Enter now~!       JPG Blog

P.S. To do more to advance the discussion, awareness and overall message of breast cancer awareness, prevention, detection, treatment and support check out:

Cafe Express







The Keep A Breast Foundation



Check them out. Be aware.

To help spread the word on your site or blog, check out these slogan buttons (and others from Blogaholicdesigns):

Show Your Support- Grab A Badge

good luck all log in or sign up for JPG Community

Laura Ward/Octavia cup at fringe nyc 2011

August 3, 2011

last week i met a dancer/choreographer Laura Ward/Octavia Cup Dance Theatre

through Linked-in about taking some pictures of her company. she replied that she was in rehearsals with a new piece ‘The Dreaming’ for The 15th Annual Fringenyc  so we agreed to meet downtown at the rehearsal studio. it’s always interested to meet new people and begin working with them especially if none of us have expectations. this suits me fine as i never know what i’d be interested in either.

laura ward, octavia cup

as you can see i start off pretty normal just trying to get a feel of what laura’s work is all about. well today it’s not going to happen because only a few of the dancers are there and they are rehearsing only parts of. why not?

laura ward, octavia cup

as you can see this is a large space with mixed lighting sources which of me is always interesting. hey what are those funny shoes? ballet dancers………….. holy smokes i don’t usually run into these types of dancers.

laura ward, octavia cup

 but i always like to see what would happen if i try this, so i turn towards the mirrors

laura ward & dancers

 then back towards the window


lets try something different as the dance pieces are all different

laura ward

so i attached my 580 flash with a grid attached for a couple of shots, sometimes the magic works sometimes it doesn’t.

laura and dancers

i am not sure i like this effect either or maybe i am just sick of using it. it really depends on the composition i guess.

another abstract experiment

laura ward

of all the images i took that day this is one of my favs and looking at the order i took them in it was one of the first so maybe i just need to take a fewer images in the beginning then go home.

most of the dancers i’ve worked with like my abstracts best yet i continue my people pleasing ways in trying to get good representational dance pictures. duh it’s not like i am being paid for this work, i do it because i love the art of dance and the ability of creating my own work.

laura’s octavia cup performances of  ‘The Dreaming’are at the 4th Street Theater, 83 East 4th street on 8/13 again on 8/18-8/19, 8/21-8/22 and last performance 8/24. do check the fringe web site  for specific time and place.


BalaSole dance company, creativity talent and humor

August 2, 2011

this past saturday we were invited down to Dance Theater Workshop space to see this company by an old friend  and collaborator who was performing as part of the company. it’s also nice to keep in touch with special people, to know they think of you and want to share their life/work.

Juan Michael Porter II 'BLUE' © jene youtt

what we found is a dance company who’s vision statement says

The vision of BalaSole Dance Company is to promote a balance in the field of concert dance where the general public can experience a dance concert filled with diversity and where artists are able to fully demonstrate their individual artistry.


By building the general public’s sensitivity to the imbalances that exist in the field of concert dance, BalaSole Dance Company hopes to:

–  Expand dance artists’ creative freedom and growth
–  Improve multiethnic representation in dance companies
–  Foster artistic and career mentorship of dance artists
–  Engender artistic collaboration in dance companies
–  Increase visibility for dance artists of all ages, shapes, and sizes
–  Promote versatility of dance artists in varied dance styles
–  Elevate compensation of many dance artists to an appropriate level
–  Increase outlets for emerging dance artists to learn from
professional dance artists
–  Provide dance artists a vehicle by which to showcase their full
artistic talents and identity to other companies for potential
–  Make the art of dance accessible to everyone
–  Broaden opportunities for male and female dance artists to become
–  Encourage greater male viewership, interest, and participation in
concert dance

if you’re a modern dancer who is looking for a company to join i would suggest this one. they come in all sizes, shapes, colors and sexes. go to their web site and click on auditions for the next opportunity to join.

the program we saw was a series of short solo pieces very well done with technical virtuosity, creativity and humor. here is a link to one reviewers blog highlighting each dancer and an additional page at

so i’d suggest keeping an eye out for this highly creative dance company. living here in this city it’s so hard keeping on top of interesting things to do as we are almost overloaded. i know i am. but we are a social group of living organisms so what better place to socialize than in a cool theater watching young talent grow.

can life be better than that?


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