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Darkness returns

March 3, 2017

Someone asked me if i’d be interested in working with her putting together her portfolio so we swapped the body painting which I wrote about earlier here for a session of these darker images. I really love creating, I really think it’s a disease, but I like it.


Woman with flogger


Blue fan with white flowers

This model is quirky as I never know if and when I’ll see or hear from her. It’s not that I am paying her for her time she asked me if I wouldn’t mind shoot some images for her web site. We all have our own lives and things go on that we have no control over. She’s been pretty understanding, after all she put up with me pouring paint on her body and then taking I guess 4 or 6 showers to clean up.

I know she’s in school and has a job and just trying to start up a business so it’s time for me to be a little understanding.

I do enjoy working with her because she has a playful side of her that comes out, life isn’t all that serious. I should talk having two stomach ulcers but what’s parenthood for?


Black leather top

I enjoy spending time with her creating,  but with digital since I throw most of the lousy pictures away I don’t worry about cost. We do go over her proofs, likes and dislikes, then I add mine.


Let me look at you

And we move on.


and on


Lady of the night

She is a Dominate woman so some of these outfits are geared towards that lifestyle. I really don’t care so much about what people do for pleasure as long as they treat me well.


Look what I’ve got for you

Some of the images I edit I fool around with colors etc, or I just play with levels as this one


We both like this outfit  and I think it works better I color than B&W



Tell mother how bad you’ve been

I played with NIK silver software on this image, I think this turned out a bit different than plain old B&W.


Powerful pose but just one man’s opinion. At least I don’t have to edit 2000 pictures like someone I know.


I wonder what she keeps in the bag?



these last two images I love especially the last one.


Yes they are black lace panties

I think this image below typifies what I think our acting boy child President needs.


Come here Donny mommy has something for you.

So what happens in these sessions is we begin talking, dressing,  shooting. Lets try this, oh could we do this and so on until either one of tires out usually it’s me. It’s not brain surgery just a couple of people having fun creating a play world. This time I checked my shutter speed, live and learn.




Grey day play

December 12, 2016

Be forewarned there is female nudity here so if it offends you leave before viewing.

The other day a traveling model from Model mayhem recontacted me about shooting together and this has been a slow month maybe even longer than a month since shooting and I liked a couple of her portfolio pictures and I though, why not? I just had a cancelation on another shoot and I was ready. I do get excited about shoots even a headshot, my wife describes this as nervous but I think of it as anticipation which I think we artists all share. Will I be good enough, will what ever I am planing work, will people laugh at me? They have. Taking photos isn’t a life and death situation unless it is.

As you can read latter in this post how I screwed up during this session. Oh well.

Zi rang my bell 7 minutes before the arranged time, that’s a positive sign which means she’s professional and a smart lady even caught some type o’s in my model release, cool. We talked about makeup well lipstick color which she applied while I pulled down the paper. Then we looked through some clothes I had and made a pile to try.


Beginning with this jacket I don’t remember having, it’s nice to discover something new. I really didn’t need to direct her because she would go from pose after hearing the click of the shutter. I see I should have fixed her face as it looks rough in this pose. I do try and make women look nice, must be something I got from my mother.


Since the lighting is mostly set up I usually turn on and turn off units as needed. Which gets boring and I keep telling myself I need to  get out of this rut. But here I go again.


I don’t think she ever said no to anything I suggested. A lovely pleasant young woman easy to work with.




She did most of the work all I did was plug and unplug things and push the shutter. She had some Shibari rope work in her portfolio and I had asked her if she was up for it. ‘Sure’. She has her own rigger which is a bit intimidating to me the beginner.


This is what I came up with her. I’ve always wanted to do a braided tie like this, I don ‘t know the names these ties but go on the visual effect


not too bold but interesting for just one rope length.There feels as something is incomplete with this tie as it goes around the waist with no beginning nor end. Is there ever?


we tried on the different clothes again. Someone had given me this headdress awhile ago but never found the opportunity I think it works here.


We talked during the shoot to loose the Voyeuristic quality of the moments and to become human beings and not objects. I guess Zi would be called a ‘rope bunny’ which is what women are called who enjoy the freedom of being bound.


Zi has a boyfriend and a different rope play partner/rigger receiving different needs from both. Working with these women is so insightful for me from the first woman who said she enjoyed being tied up. That surprised me somewhat as we had never talked about that before. But the more I learn the more I know.


That there is a freedom and delicacy in not being in charge. Hell I get that feeling of not being in charge when ever I go to work at the Beacon as soon as I leave the house.


At some point in time I accidentally moved the sync shutter speed out of sync with the flash units, going up to 250 from Canon 200. Check, check, check remember to take off lens cap.Check shutter speeds.

As you can see here the right side of the above picture is dark because stupid me didn’t check the shutter speed as I had moved it off the sync speed. Imagine my chagrin when looking at them in bridge.Sometimes I shoot bigger thinking I will crop latter but then I get so involved I forget, oops.So a few didn’t make the HD.


This one only the chair is darker so no big deal


But most of this series on the rug is trash as you can see below.Ugh



I am glad someone wasn’t paying me for this shoot. All though I did pull something out of this but nothing is perfect. Oh well.



These below I managed to save  because of cropping


Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. What I was trying to do here is show off this lovely woman who had worked so hard for me.


It wasn’t an unproductive afternoon for neither of us. I learned an important part of photography check, check, check everything. I always say it not quantity but quality


so if I only get a few pictures I can use fine. This afternoon I connected with another human being and made a few enjoyable pictures. _mg_3619

So this is all I have to share today. I hope my few readers enjoy my efforts. At least two of us walked away with something we came for.Then as planned I took a nap.


Playing around with a new phase

November 7, 2016

It seems as if I’ve forgotten things I knew just a few moments ago. My computer is going wacky on me and every time I think it’s fixed out it goes. Even logging into fuzzy was a challenge trying to connect with a model via home I got a message call back later.

But the new phase is exploring how a liquid medium flows across a solid body, seems simple enough. But things don’t always go the way you envision them.

model in red

model in red

But when you’re just fooling around what ever you get is fun. This picture shows the whole set up having her set on a black covered bench against black backdrop. The clean up was done on her taking a shower between colors and cleaning the floor and blending in CS PS6.


We were alone and we would set her position  I poured the paint then grabbed the camera and shot a few pictures. Then off to the shower to wash her off while I cleaned off the set.

Some colors worked better than others or we were getting into it more.


Golden back

Golden back



golden streaks

golden streaks

















As I said sometimes it works, sometimes not but if one has to have someone fun to work with why not.




front view

front view proud lady
















I think this is one of my favorite shots

Portrait of a nude

Portrait of a nude

Laura didn’t need much direction and if I didn’t cut off her head feet and arms I thought we were doing pretty good.

Pink lady

Pink lady






This is an odd color for me but she had fun with it.

look what happens if I do this

look what happens if I do this














or this classic look


Off to the showers
















What's she thinking?

What’s she thinking?












sensual woman

sensual woman, showing everything revealing nothing














Time to put the house back in order enough fun for the day.


Tattoo and Shibari/Kinbaku experience

October 5, 2016

The other day a Model Mayhem male model contacted me about shooting some Time For Pictures shoot. His only request is that his face not be recognizable. They don’t call me Fuzzypictures for nothing, sure I am up for it.

For those who don’t know what Shibari is It’s an ancient Japanese art form developed during the Samari time for bonding their prisoners with rope. It is also referred to as the art of Kinbaku a sensual provocative form of Japanese erotic bondage now becoming popular in America.

That day and still today my flash receivers were acting wooky. Sometimes they worked sometimes not, so exposure was all over the place and I had a lot of over exposed throw aways along with some surprises.

I’ve wanted to add some spooky Images to Peau magazine for the autumn issue sort of as a theme and thought the tattoo’s might do the trick. Who knows what works and what doesn’t?

Tattooed male grasping his head and shoulders.

Dark Zen


Dark Zen

I haven’t gotten around to trying to adjust the over exposed images yet and maybe I won’t it’s a lot of work finding interesting people and shooting them then selecting images we both like.


Dark Zen

We chatted about our likes and dislikes but I never asked him the story of why so many tattoo’s. We did exchange information about who some of the tattoo artists were both his and mine where done as I shot.


Darkk Zen

If I don’t know and like the person ‘I am out of there.’ I am way too old to be uncomfortable anymore, been there done that. My work is about collaboration with the model around a theme, if there is one, I couldn’t do this type of photography without the model having ‘some chops’ as they say in jazz.


Dark Zen

I need to fix those strobes but this White Lightning 1200 Ultra keeps on kicking, I’ve only two left out of four but what a light.I didn’t need to give him much if any direction as he does this out of love also. I did show him images as we went along so he had an idea of what I was shooting.


Bamboo pole

We fooled around with this pole for awhile but it didn’t do anything for me not that we didn’t get some interesting shots of his hands holding the pole but I wanted some more so ‘Hey lets try this’ my favorite saying.


Prisoner of the dark  



I am reading a book called The Beauty of Kinbaku a history of the art and artists which got me thinking about what’s Japanese and one of the first think that comes to mind is Bamboo, so I go down to the flower district and find some. Who knew there was a vicious spider living in them and bit me on the elbow while I napped. Yeow some poison I sprayed the whole lot. I don’t like to kill spiders but he attacked me first.


Dark Zen

Well I’ve saved the best for last, although they were the first images we shot we both loved all of these but the first images blew me away. I looked at them and said ‘that’s it.’ I am not sure I could have planed them any better.


Dark Zen naked

But wait there is more, our first picture below.


What am I holding?

Yep that Ultra 1200 is something. This is from one of our first images sets. See I couldn’t do this without someone aware of the creative process.









Standing rock North Dakota

September 18, 2016

Sitting here waiting for my honey to come into city so we can go to a photo shoot of some aerial circus performers tonight but thinking about what’s going on in the world.

Listening to native american music playing in the background I though I’d repost some of the pow wow pictures of native American dancers dancing, some friendsfriends-0597

Top: friends we met at Eastern Cherokee Pow Wow below: assorted dancers.







Corn Husk woman historian


Below are from a Labor day PowWow on eastern Long Island 69th Shinnecock Annual Powwow






A old dag spectator from WW II




not much to say other than me not understanding why we need to desecrate the Earth we live on. Native Americans enjoy dancing on it. Why don’t we?

There is always something else

September 9, 2016

to do. There was a time I had plenty of time to write here but now so many dangling projects. Finally got the summer issue of Peau magazine is on it’s way, see link

Of course a model asked me for a digital tear sheet and I spent days looking up how to do to no avail, nothing. Just now it occurred to me maybe she wanted a ‘screen shot’ of the Peau pages. Life is full of difficult question made more by how the question is phrased.

But persistence always pays off somehow. My wife is turning into a very creative photographer I am impressed with her creativity see She has found her niche at least with the underwater photography and climate change.

Me after publishing the summer Issue of Peau magazine I am drained yet it’s time to start again as I have a theme Halloween. I really haven’t up dated my web site at Photoshelter in months.

I started the day wearing my Occupy Wall Street t-shirt and listening to native american tapes I’ve collected along the way. Doing laundry moved to listening to Phantom of the Opera just to get my blood moving. Now it’s Man of La Manch.

The other day a french model Byuruka Heck contacted me about shooting together when she was in town. Hey why not I’ve been in front of a computer for weeks. To say nothing of home projects.

So we began doing shoots and talking she wanted some fashion images
but the latex dress didn’t cooperate with the shoes.


Latex dress


fishnet stockings


I am not sure about that

She did fit into the Peau magazine tattooed look.




I asked about this tattoo she explained it was about birth and death and she had designed it herself.


sitting nude

As we talked I suggested trying some body paint ideas I’e been thinking about. Sure.


silver paint on nude female

This isn’t an easy technique as I need to mix each batch them pour it never knowing where it will go.


Silver pain on naked boob


Silver paint on female nude

This can be messy an disappointing at the same time. But that’s the exciting part of it, you never know what will happen, except a shower afterwards.

I want to do more of this as I learn something each time.Till next time





Dancing, it’s been long, long time

August 2, 2016

since i’ve had a chance to visit here. I’ve been involved learning IDesign and how to publish a fine Art magazine called Peau magazine, landscape of skin. So far we’ve managed to get out two issues with some great photographers and artist.

The first issue link here and the second issue here  I surprised myself by the quality of artist and photographers I was able to find. Some like Jack Cutler and Michael McGowan I’ve know for years but the new people are amazing in their own right. Rickard Unge in Stockholm Sweden works with male dancers while Jeffery Fletcher works with film and pond water.

The next issue I have a pinhole photographer. Some really amazing stuff.

I met a young Japanese female dancer whom I liked because of her model mayhem portfolio named Humeuchi. She invited us to a performance she was doing in Madison  park which was interesting and we talked afterward.

We arranged a quick shoot in my studio just to meet and learn about each other. She surprised me by having real Japanese Kimonos. I like to work with cloth and dancers, they just seem to go together. We looked over all the different clothes and she picked an old torn rag we had designed for another dance. WTF?


I told her the story play was a play on Adam & Eve and Mother Earth which I believe more than some other creation stories. Once there is a woman, or was she a tree, alone in the world and one day she imagined having something interesting to watch. So she created Adam and what a mess that has caused.


She had limbs of a tree and breast of a woman to nourish.


This was Humeuchi  choice of costumes too begin with although in her email she said she wanted to do nudes which surprised me but in these she had a bra and panties. But she had brought some wonderful Kimono’s I was dying to shoot.


Dancers have a natural line about their bodies and this stunning red fabric, you had to be there to really appreciate it’s intenesy, along with her poses make my day easy. Push click wham.

Working with Humeuchi made me slow down as her movements were very slow and precise. I know a guy with a camera who shoots thousands of pictures during a shoot hoping to get something. Yes he does but you fall asleep or eyes glaze over before you get to see them in edit.


The wonderful thing Humeuchi brought to this shoot was her culture, clothing and finally trust. All I had was some old strobe lighting, space with backdrop and an old camera. Of course I am pretty old myself.




This Kimono was absolutely lovely. I remember Mary and I wandering around Tokyo looking in shop windows and department stores looking for gifts to bring back home with us. These were out of our price range but how special they must make you feel.


Below is my favorite of the shoot but Humeuchi picked a whole different outfit and pose.


This white dress below is actually a night grown and she wanted to play with a mask, people can be so different under masks. I had showed her one of the ones I had brought back from Venice Italy but this is one she picked.


As you can see she is getting more comfortable in the shoot and I am changing the lighting every few shots.


And she is changing masks. I am not fond of what this light is doing to her body casting ugly shadows But when she disrobed and we started doing nudes I was so unhappy I won’t show them. Was it because I was tired? Don’t know but I felt like such a jerk. So I’ll end this post with one last one.


Good night all and sweet dreams.


Peau magazine spring issue

May 3, 2016

Well Peau magazine is more than a one shot magazine as we’ve put together another issue, our spring 2016 issue on time. Our goal is to publish a quarterly magazine or at least see if there is interest from different collaborators to submit creative photographic work.

The spring issue has work from America and Europe.

Peau magazine is an international collaboration of artists, photographers and models coming together to show their work to our increasing shrinking planet. Peau magazine is dedicated to the beauty and landscape of the human form.

This issue we include the seasoned professional photographers and artists as well as people just starting out.

This issue includes the highly colorful work of experienced photographer Michael Mc Gowan who adorns the front cover and Stan Freedman, Robert Morris who are just beginning their journey.

Rickard Unge joins us from Sweden with his black & white figure studies of male dancers including gracing our rear cover. We discovered  the photomontage work of Jeffery Fletcher with his haunting series of females in nature describing his complicated developing process.

Carney Malone with his black & white studies of female nudes wearing only Gas Masks over their faces has a couple of different books in print, see the Blurb link here. Lastly we have another photographer Bruce Taylor, Pd.D who joins us from model society.

Print and free digital copies are available for sale  here 

We are working on the summer issue now and accepting submissions, contact me at for a submission form or to answer any questions you my have.

peau copies 0344 copy

Our first issue ( on the right) had Jack Cutler’s image on the front cover along with his Clandestine Exhibitions from his personal fine art photographic images. Next came my wife Mary Durante Youtt nude studies, Peter Le Grand, Jeffrey Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, and a few of my images.

We hope you will enjoy our endeavor and support or collaboration by buying copies and commenting on our Facebook page.

Thank you


Just a quick note of a friends condition

March 17, 2016

She’s a makeup artist and sweet as pie, Hopefully next month will be able an shoot her and her husband before she pops.

arasy 4156

I think she’s so beautiful now but it’s getting so hard for her to even breath or get comfortable.

arasy _4167

if men got pregnant there would be abortion clinics on every corner was well as mandatory vasectomies. If you’re against abortion fine don’t have one, but stay out others affairs.

My St. Patricks wish.


I shoot them as they come to me, thank goodness they are all different

March 6, 2016

and that’s not a bad thing. But as I get older things, names and words  temporary vanish from my mind.

I almost missed this shoot due to not keeping my phone calendar up to date. my wife brought me the phone with all these text messages ‘I’am on my way’ and ‘ I’am almost there’………… holy smokes i called her right away saying i had forgotten about it. i was 30 to 45 minutes away and couldn’t get in using mass transportation but Mary and i have had ‘no shows’ and know how it feels. Mary drove me into city in 30 minutes. Where are you? waiting in a bar down the block she said, it was very cold out and reading her bio below i knew she was cut from a different cloth.

My Name

I GUESS YOU ARE KIND OF CURIOUS as to who I am, but I am one of those who do not have a regular name. My name depends on you. Just call me whatever is in your mind.
If you are thinking about something that happened a long time ago: Somebody asked you a question and you did not know the answer.
That is my name.
Perhaps it was raining very hard.
That is my name.
Or somebody wanted you to do something. You did it. Then they told you what you did was wrong—”Sorry for the mis¬take,”—and you had to do something else.
That is my name.
Perhaps it was a game that you played when you were a child or something that came idly into your mind when you were old and sitting in a chair near the window.
That is my name.
Or you walked someplace. There were flowers all around.
That is my name.
Perhaps you stared into a river. There was somebody near you who loved you. They were about to touch you. You could feel this before it happened. Then it happened.
That is my name.

Britteny kind of hippy like but hey I was one of the original hippies.Her Model Mayhem link is 5340850.

the studio was a shambles nothing set up but thank goodness most of the lighting hangs from a grid. but I had no idea what to shot with her nor who she really was. I haven’t figured how to connect my IPhone to Model Mayhem. What a klutz. She did save my butt by pulling this outfit from her bag.


So we begin, well actually she brought her outfit going to another shoot after mine, once dressed she began poseing here and there one after another .


She was a pro at this because to tell you the truth I was unprepared. Usually I have some prevision of what I want to shoot with each model. That doesn’t mean  that’s where the shoot winds up going but at least that’s where I think it will go. This was a pleasant surprise because on the ride to studio I didn’t have a clue who she was, Ok just wing it.


I gave her one of my jackets because she said she was cold, it must have been in the twenties outside, but I though the semi coolness of the studio kept her nipples erect which I think is preferable. Somehow the jacket kept slipping off her. Maybe she wasn’t so cold after all._MG_0490

But I must say she gave me a full days shoot in a couple hours. I like to try different things with each person, so after going to the closet once she picked out this outfit


Which got reported on Facebook as inappropriate  because you can see a little bit of her pubic hair whoa they got good eyes. I guess I should have used this image below , oh well


There is such a slight difference here my old eyes didn’t catch it. We bought this outfit years ago at a clothing store next to an art gallery we had a showing in.

face 0457fuzzy

Obliviously she wasn’t shy but she also wasn’t into doing spread shots nude.


so we got these two shots this one with more attitude but getting the background under control wasn’t easy.Lots of blur filter making her the object of 0458

We had agreed that she was willing to do some bondage/rope work which seems to be a phase I am in these days.

couch 0693 fuzzy

I don’t think what I do is S&M but it does add a little kick for me over regular nudes.



There is something about the texture of the rope against the skin I like. We didn’t have time to let the rope patterns set into the skin as I originally wanted. Do we ever get all we want?


So all things must come to an end as I untie her and she gets dressed for her next foray into the cold cold world. We are not doing a brain surgery tutorial just playing around with things, hopefully making things a bit more interesting. As I say I never know who will walk through my door nor what I’ll walk away with.

So it is as she headed to her next shoot and I straightened the studio, then on to editing. She didn’t respond when I sent her some images . I guess she didn’t need them.



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