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Grey day play

December 12, 2016

Be forewarned there is female nudity here so if it offends you leave before viewing.

The other day a traveling model from Model mayhem recontacted me about shooting together and this has been a slow month maybe even longer than a month since shooting and I liked a couple of her portfolio pictures and I though, why not? I just had a cancelation on another shoot and I was ready. I do get excited about shoots even a headshot, my wife describes this as nervous but I think of it as anticipation which I think we artists all share. Will I be good enough, will what ever I am planing work, will people laugh at me? They have. Taking photos isn’t a life and death situation unless it is.

As you can read latter in this post how I screwed up during this session. Oh well.

Zi rang my bell 7 minutes before the arranged time, that’s a positive sign which means she’s professional and a smart lady even caught some type o’s in my model release, cool. We talked about makeup well lipstick color which she applied while I pulled down the paper. Then we looked through some clothes I had and made a pile to try.


Beginning with this jacket I don’t remember having, it’s nice to discover something new. I really didn’t need to direct her because she would go from pose after hearing the click of the shutter. I see I should have fixed her face as it looks rough in this pose. I do try and make women look nice, must be something I got from my mother.


Since the lighting is mostly set up I usually turn on and turn off units as needed. Which gets boring and I keep telling myself I need to  get out of this rut. But here I go again.


I don’t think she ever said no to anything I suggested. A lovely pleasant young woman easy to work with.




She did most of the work all I did was plug and unplug things and push the shutter. She had some Shibari rope work in her portfolio and I had asked her if she was up for it. ‘Sure’. She has her own rigger which is a bit intimidating to me the beginner.


This is what I came up with her. I’ve always wanted to do a braided tie like this, I don ‘t know the names these ties but go on the visual effect


not too bold but interesting for just one rope length.There feels as something is incomplete with this tie as it goes around the waist with no beginning nor end. Is there ever?


we tried on the different clothes again. Someone had given me this headdress awhile ago but never found the opportunity I think it works here.


We talked during the shoot to loose the Voyeuristic quality of the moments and to become human beings and not objects. I guess Zi would be called a ‘rope bunny’ which is what women are called who enjoy the freedom of being bound.


Zi has a boyfriend and a different rope play partner/rigger receiving different needs from both. Working with these women is so insightful for me from the first woman who said she enjoyed being tied up. That surprised me somewhat as we had never talked about that before. But the more I learn the more I know.


That there is a freedom and delicacy in not being in charge. Hell I get that feeling of not being in charge when ever I go to work at the Beacon as soon as I leave the house.


At some point in time I accidentally moved the sync shutter speed out of sync with the flash units, going up to 250 from Canon 200. Check, check, check remember to take off lens cap.Check shutter speeds.

As you can see here the right side of the above picture is dark because stupid me didn’t check the shutter speed as I had moved it off the sync speed. Imagine my chagrin when looking at them in bridge.Sometimes I shoot bigger thinking I will crop latter but then I get so involved I forget, oops.So a few didn’t make the HD.


This one only the chair is darker so no big deal


But most of this series on the rug is trash as you can see below.Ugh



I am glad someone wasn’t paying me for this shoot. All though I did pull something out of this but nothing is perfect. Oh well.



These below I managed to save  because of cropping


Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. What I was trying to do here is show off this lovely woman who had worked so hard for me.


It wasn’t an unproductive afternoon for neither of us. I learned an important part of photography check, check, check everything. I always say it not quantity but quality


so if I only get a few pictures I can use fine. This afternoon I connected with another human being and made a few enjoyable pictures. _mg_3619

So this is all I have to share today. I hope my few readers enjoy my efforts. At least two of us walked away with something we came for.Then as planned I took a nap.



Playing around with a new phase

November 7, 2016

It seems as if I’ve forgotten things I knew just a few moments ago. My computer is going wacky on me and every time I think it’s fixed out it goes. Even logging into fuzzy was a challenge trying to connect with a model via home I got a message call back later.

But the new phase is exploring how a liquid medium flows across a solid body, seems simple enough. But things don’t always go the way you envision them.

model in red

model in red

But when you’re just fooling around what ever you get is fun. This picture shows the whole set up having her set on a black covered bench against black backdrop. The clean up was done on her taking a shower between colors and cleaning the floor and blending in CS PS6.


We were alone and we would set her position  I poured the paint then grabbed the camera and shot a few pictures. Then off to the shower to wash her off while I cleaned off the set.

Some colors worked better than others or we were getting into it more.


Golden back

Golden back



golden streaks

golden streaks

















As I said sometimes it works, sometimes not but if one has to have someone fun to work with why not.




front view

front view proud lady
















I think this is one of my favorite shots

Portrait of a nude

Portrait of a nude

Laura didn’t need much direction and if I didn’t cut off her head feet and arms I thought we were doing pretty good.

Pink lady

Pink lady






This is an odd color for me but she had fun with it.

look what happens if I do this

look what happens if I do this














or this classic look


Off to the showers
















What's she thinking?

What’s she thinking?












sensual woman

sensual woman, showing everything revealing nothing














Time to put the house back in order enough fun for the day.


The Moving Beauty Dance series

April 13, 2013

beginning next week on 4/15/13 through 4/21/13 at the Secret Theater i have the pleasure of working with a friend/dancer who is producing this week. my part of this is designing the lighting and what ever else is needed to make this successful.


that’s Juan Michael Porter with a bag over his head. yes in the subway he’s always pushing the limits. that’s one of the reasons why i like him. this should be an interesting week with 18 different companies on the bill, three each night a culture cross section of small dance companies in the city. wow.

who would want to miss this? all week i’ve been contacted by the various companies asking about the lighting plot while they share with links to their work. one of them is Yoshito Sakuraba Artistic Director/   just saying they are open to interpretation. others have different needs. i am never sure after seeing videos what the are performing but hey i love this stuff see michael mao dances here.

as i am writing this the energy is building up around me. a lot of work yes, climbing ladders at my age yes but i wouldn’t have it any other way. this is what i do, this is what i love. having my partner/wife to share it with me is even better.

please come out and join us. it would be our pleasure to meet you and hopefully your pleasure seeing all this wonderful work by so many talented people.

here is the performance run down

The Moving Beauty Series presents
The Series
7 nights of dance. 3 companies a night.

Monday April 15th through Sunday April 21st @ 8 PM

Tickets: $15 for Artists and Students
$20 General Admission
Available at the door or online at

In keeping with it’s mission statement of producing ‘artistically provocative yet commercially viable art’, The Moving Beauty Series has created ‘The Series’ as a platform to present 20 exciting dance companies in concert at The Secret Theatre.

The Series kicks into high gear on April 15th, 2013 with the live premiere of Lost in Between, a dance and music collaboration between ‘Together Alone’ (Arielle Baron and Elnard Jones) and Juan Michael Porter II. The evening continues with stand-alone concert pieces from Hailey Lauren and Colleen Hoelscher, also in collaboration with Together Alone.

The Moving Beauty Series;

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 features the brilliant Michael Mao Dance’s latest collaboration with the composer, Huang Ruo, Sandra Kramerova & Artists’ spiritual exploration of ‘Aqua(rius), and Charly Wenzel & Dancers’ hybrid of contemporary dance and LED light show. All three companies make vivid use of video art to accentuate their performances.

Michael Mao Dance;
Sandra Kramerova & Artists;
Charly Wenzel & Dancers;

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 showcases a wide palette of concert dance with Undertoe Dance Project’s fusion of tap and concert jazz dancing, Caliince Dance’s dance theatre narrative of developing community across the globe and finally Nikki Nasto and Animal Mechanical’s presentation of experimental contemporary dance and performance art fused with jaw-dropping aerial feats.

Undertoe Dance Project;
Caliince Dance;
Nikki Nasto;
Animal Mechanical;

Thursday, April 18th, 2013 delves into the world of spirituality and finding a sense of self with a collaborative multimedia work from Perceptions Dance and Studio Anya led by directors Melissa Gendreau and Courtney Bauer. The evening rounds itself off with a vision of lost connetions and recovery in Japan through the eyes of Abarukas’ artistic director, Yoshito Sakuraba.

Perceptions Dance;
Studio Anya;

Friday, April 19th, 2013 is a night of dance theatre of every variety.  First, with a magnificent opening from the ground breaking tap dancer, TED Artist, and Artist in Residence at Webster Hall, Andrew J. Nemr. The evening moves into the waters of musical theatre with an exciting premiere from Glitter Kitty Productions before returning to the shores of traditional jazz and contemporary dance as shown by DoubleTake Dance’s artistic Directors, Ashley Carter and Vanessa Martinez de Banos.

Andrew J. Nemr;
Glitter Kitty Productions;
DoubleTake Dance;

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 is the concert with the greatest content variety. We have a story of community and Americana inspired narrative from ACB Dance Company, a tapestry of isolation inspired by the overuse of online communication as put forth by NonaLee Dance Theatre, and an incredible retelling of ‘Swan Lake’ from SUNPROJECT, wherein ‘The Swans’ assert their personalities and take over the tale. A vision of dance like no other from the geographical locations of Connecticut, the American South, and Korea.

NonaLee Dance Theatre;
ACB Dance Company;

Sunday, April 21st, 2013 features the perfect closing for The Series with a wide range of experience starting with the fearless and award winning Chris Ferris & Dancers, the incredible new contemporary dance company of Michael J. Clark & Artists, and a dazzling display of virtuoso hip-hop and jazz funk put together by Eric Samson’s The Beat Club.

Chris Ferris & Dancers;
Michael J. Clark & Artists;
The Beat Club;

For more information or tickets, please


The Secret Theatre | 4402 23rd St | Long Island City, NY
E, M, G or 7 train to Court SQ/23rd St.

Sex sells @ Emmanuel Fremin gallery opening

June 29, 2012

may have been one of the hottest openings with around 500 people crowding to get in a small space. when i say hot i mean the temperature of the room.

after the crowd cleared out a bit and we weren’t pressed up against each other there was room to see the art hanging around the room

or just have a chance to converse with your fellow gallery goer.

all under the watchful eyes and smiling face of emmanuel who’s always wandering around introducing people to art and artist.

while the lovely lady Mary Nguyen has her own way of attracting people

an enjoyable evening of art and friendship had by all

well some people just want to start out cooler than others as this young lady with her bodypainter friend surrounded by sweaty togs.

exhibit B

or this fellow contemplating his LCD screen, did he get it?

to see more pictures of the opening check out the farcebook page here

my favorite pic of the night happened when we were walking from the bus to gallery on 11th avenue.  my wife against the sunset

in her sexy shoes and summer skirt woohoo


the case of the missing umbrella & jpmorgans convictions

June 26, 2012

today is my day for rest and relaxation  maybe catching up with my life, there is always a bill or two to be paid sitting here but sometimes the desk is clear, though my mind can still be cloudy. this past weekend i worked on our XR 7 convertible putting in 3 point seat belts for the rear seat. it took all weekend for me, a fellow with a little brain, to figure out. it wasn’t as easy as i though it would be as i had done front belts in two other cars this was different.  as my dancers friends say ‘there are only so many plies in the knees.’

i caught up on some errands yesterday which included going to the bank making a deposit where my umbrella was taken by an unknowned person, now this is New York City and wouldn’t you be surprised to learn there are crooks and thieves hiding out in our banks. just ask jamie diamond about how many convictions this bank has had under his leadership. oh the us senate banking committee  forgot to ask him but you can look it up here at jpmorgan watch. now the umbrella wasn’t in one of his branches  so he’s clear of that, but mr. diamond  must have a problem hiring competent people to work for him as they all keeping getting involved in these schemes.

but i find it hard to believe none of our senators nor representatives asked questions about his banks ethics. do you think they were all in his pocket? could that be true?

you’ve just got to keep your eyes open, yet bankers have a way with them, my bank Capital One keeps changing accounts from free to fee based after awhile, and now an orange umbrella or one of their customers has something they didn’t come in with, is that called a profit or theft?

today i ordered my winnings from the contest Color it Red from o’reilly press and tried to order tickets from BAMs but i am not a member so i’ll have to wait until all the members get their pick, oh ok. i”ve aways wanted to see Einstein on the Beach since working on the production at the Met opera house years ago. We’ll be in Alaska when tickets go on sale so i am hoping i can buy something nice on line. oh well

we now have iphones, which we got the other weekend from verizon who sells the iPhones but doesn’t service them nor troubleshoot them. in the box our iphones came in there is a pamphlet Finger tips a quick start into a new world for new eyes,, or old people who wear glasses. as mary says sometimes way too much information.

i am not doing very well communicating with model type people these days. it must be me it doesn’t seem possible that everyone else is off the wall, but it could be. a fashion stylist named bunny style was looking for togs who do motion fashion photography, what ever that is? she posted her farcebook page, have they changed your email address yet on farcebook showing her fashions. there didn’t look like anything showing motion and i asked her if she wasn’t thinking emotion. she deleted my message before answering it, oh well.

it’s getting to be nap time as i was woke up early this morning from the constructions workers underneath my bedroom window this knocking out spaces for new windows for the summers renovation. it’s a long haul because i only see a few people working on the site. are they out of money already? so much for them at this rate they’ll be working on this building a lifetime before finishing the project.

but i’ll finish up now, i’ll post more pictures of my projects as i get them.



Sex cells and here at Emmanuel Fremin gallery it’s on or off the walls

June 14, 2012

“Sex Cells” at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery
Curated by Asli Unal

The most universal subject of art through the ages, the human nude has been a vehicle for commercialization, a symbol of freedom, and a topic of heated debate. In “Sex Cells,” eig…ht contemporary photographers explore how we direct sex appeal, both consciously and unconsciously, as a means of empowerment and manipulation. From the provocative to the grotesque, the featured artists combine familiar props and subjects in an original manner as they tackle themes of seduction, bondage, religion and bestiality. A reception on Thursday night, June 28th, kicks off the month long exhibition at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.

Reka Nyari’s jarring compositions juxtapose lust and disgust by pairing a beautiful model with animal carcasses. Her stark compositions present the objectified body as a target for consumption and challenge the viewer’s ability to hold two opposing emotions simultaneously. Using herself as the model, Brooklyn artist Erica Simone poses nude in public while unabashedly going about her daily routines. Simone wittily challenges the nature of the nude in art, examining the line between the mundane and the sexualized. The context tells us to interpret her as the subject of the photographs rather than the object of a sexual fantasy.

“Sex Cells” is on display from June 28th-July 28th, 2012 at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 508, New York, NY 10001.
Vernissage: June 28th, 6-8 p.m.

this weeks work or play, whatever you call it

June 1, 2012

it’s exhausting and exciting creating. so exhausting setting up the studio from a living area but that’s the only way i can afford to make images with people. maybe i am going about this the wrong way but i really don’t know of another way. it’s like the rest of my life learn a trade then go about practice it. some become masters, i am considered  pretty good at what i do but don’t ask me.

all i see are the missed shots, the ones i could have done better, i must have funny eyes in order to see this way or could it be my irish heritage? but it is what it is and i do best i can, as Phoo would say ‘with a very small brain.’

i’ve been meaning to write again about apple and so many other things that course through my brain, for a small one it’s pretty active. but i just finished up on this photo shoot, editing and doing the post production that saves my ass. i can only fix the fixable nothing can save stupidity.

i contact a few people a week on model mayhem some who are looking for work some want to be’s looking for a professional photographer, makes me smile some i just shake my head at. but some are sincere so you never know what will walk through the door. this is what we start with.

semi nude beginning

not impressed? me neither but wait these’s more, i must admit michelle does have some bumps on her forehead which i softened in PS 4 as my PS 6 trial is over. i’ll probably buy 6 for some of it’s features but not today.

over the shoulder,

what i wanted to shoot  with this woman was lingerie but she didn’t have any outfits that matched other than this garter belt that i liked and i’ve none to share with her.

garter strap

so now what am i going to do? mary bought some hats weeks ago so i’d give this a try

almost a halo

thanks TJ Max but michelle brought her fur wrap which we used

rabbit fur

more fur fun

but see the spectral lens refractions, lighting problems all day but i include this image because i like michelle’s quality

i also had another new toy some satin fabric one of my  jobs was throwing out so i dragged that back to studio

white satin with nude

which reminds me of ‘Last tango in Paris’ and i’ve no idea why


now that’s a nice sandwich, as the say at the stage deli

i tried to keep things simple, well simple for me at least.  but i am pretty committed to learning to work with my white lightning strobes instead of my tungsten lighting. i should sell it , way too much space lost to stuff.

take care and good night, i’ll be gone for a week or so doing the tony’s to earn a few bucks for gas money for the guzzler. last weekend driving back from the shore a NJ trooper pulled in behind us, then along side until he was in front, just looking at the car. people do that because it’s not every day you see american history before your eyes.

1970 mercury xr7 cougar convertible.


Hell’s Kitchen Artists in Studio Tours Friday May 18 – Sunday May 20, 2012

May 15, 2012
once again i’ve decided to participate in this artist tour only this time i decided to show my pictures in a public coffee shop Kahve , 774 9th Ave, NY, NY so i didn’t have to baby sit them. i’ve so much work going on in my life right now i felt i couldn’t give it the time required. coffee shops in this area are a dying breed as landlords ask for higher rents making it hard for small businesses to survive and artist to stay in the neighborhood. i live here because it’s close to all the theaters where i work. how many people get to live within walking distance of where they work?
i chose some of my simple dance images

Blue Dancer

along with it’s partner

Orange Dancer

sometimes in these types of events not everything goes according to plans but i hope this one does. if you’re in New York City and want to see some of the local artist do download the map, i hope there is a map, and stop by to meet the us.

Press release:

The 4th Annual Hell’s Kitchen Artists in Studio Tours Friday May 18 – Sunday May 20, 2012.  

Fourth time’s the charm…

Is it the fourth year already? Call it tradition, call it grass-roots social movement, call it a permeating underground murmur waiting to erupt but it is a undeniably a standout fact – the independent & FREE Hell’s Kitchen arts festival has established itself as one of New York’s prominent art and social events and is here to stay.

Last year, for three frivolous entrancing days at 95 venues thousands of artists, performers and revelers opened their studios, businesses, clubs and have taken to the streets; With the support of gutsy local venues and a few visionary and generous finance and realty staples the vision thrived and gotten stronger and bigger.

A new audacious voice has been presented: At The Edge – A sprightly magazine pulsating and overflowing with vivaciously blunt, refreshingly outspoken, scorchingly authentic artistic and literary expression in all forms and colors, giving a stage to dozens of the neighborhood’s (and the city’s) diverse bubbly creative forces & leading art establishments.

This year’s event will celebrate a second issue – printed and circulated in over 10,000 copies to avid readers around Hell’s Kitchen, midtown, downtown, & selected hot Brooklyn ‘art-hoods’, it is a communal exclamation to be reckoned with.

We’re Gonna Set the Streets on Fire! (Not literally, except perhaps our stunning alumni fire and belly dancer….)

Smack in the heart of Manhattan, right beside the indulgent Chelsea, the fizzy debauched theater district and the financial dynamo of midtown, another juicy slice of the city dares you to take an outrageous bite.

The Fourth Annual Hell’s Kitchen Artist Studio Tour is a free event taking place May 18th  – 20th  where scores of artists and performers open their homes, galleries, theaters, businesses and studios (their hearts also) for a self-guided and mapped tour. Participating artists consist of individuals with well-established and honored careers, as well as emerging artists striving to get their voice out there and make their mark.

At this three day unruly, insatiable Art Bacchanalia all art forms and mediums will be represented, including fine art, sculpture, music, fashion, photography, theater, dance, comedy, body painting, public spectacle and much more.

With no less than six Parties featuring continual entertainment of all genres!  For 30 hours over 3 nights, major & informal after parties each evening, exhibiting some raw and refined local vibrant talent at venues from classy lounges to murky speakeasies to intimate Art salons, patrons and visitors are sure to be tickled with just the right thing to satisfy their taste and fancy.

Wealth of artists to tantalize your senses.

Batteries of blazing artists, from raging social commentators to crisp impressionists to sly, depraved surrealists – a singled out individual from this Armada of talent candy will undoubtedly hit your sweet spot.

We know you get it; give us a call for more sizzling inside details (galleries and venues maps, artists’ profiles), spread the word, pick up an issue, come impulsively knocking by – we’re here for this city and its people, we know you won’t leave us hanging.


Something Weegee didn’t have to think about, photos not taken

March 26, 2012

Photographs Not Taken: what makes a photographer freeze?
A new book of essays by photographers explores the missed opportunities of images never captured
Sean O’Hagan, Thursday 15 March 2012 11.12 EDT

Christian Patterson

In the heat of the moment … a house on fire was American photographer Christian Patterson’s lost moment. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The American photographer Christian Patterson was driving along a deserted road in rural Nebraska when he saw a house on fire. He jumped out of his car and ran towards the house, but the intense heat drove him back. As he was about to take a picture of the scene, a truck pulled up and a man jumped out. He fell to his knees, crying. A fire truck arrived but, by then, the house and all its contents were reduced to ash.

South African photographer Roger Ballen once drove an acquaintance across Johannesburg to the house of a witch doctor. There, in a back room “full of cat’s skins on clotheslines”, the man produced a live cat from a sack. The witch doctor took the cat, weighed it, and paid the man accordingly. Ballen watched the transaction in silence, then drove the man back across town.

These are just two of the 62 stories collected by Will Steacy in a new book, Photographs Not Taken, published by Daylight. In his introduction, Steacy, a photographer himself, describes it as “a collection of essays by photographers about moments that never became a picture”. He writes: “Here, the process of making a photograph has been reversed. Instead of looking out into the world through a camera lens, these essays look directly into the mind’s eye to reveal where photographs come from in their barest and most primitive form – the original idea.”

Sylvia PlachyTwin tower encounter … Sylvia Plachy. Photo: Bru Garcia/AFP/Getty ImagesThe stories also show that there are many reasons not to take a photograph. For several of the photographers here, including Patterson, the decision not to press the shutter is usually an ethical one. Consider the story related by Sylvia Plachy who, on a street in midtown Manhattan just after the twin towers of the World Trade Centre had collapsed on 9/11, encountered a dust-covered man “who had walked though hell”. He was, says Plachy, “the icon” of the human tragedy. Many people took his photograph. She did not. “I would have had to step in front of him, interrupt his frantic pace,” she writes. “I felt ashamed. I hesitated. I questioned. It didn’t seem right. In an instant he was gone. I didn’t do it.”

Plachy spent the following fortnight roaming the streets of downtown New York looking for another picture as powerful as the one she had not taken. “His image haunts me to this day,” she writes, adding ruefully, “Diane Arbus would have done it.”

This story, it seems to me, gets to the heart of the matter. Many photographers share Arbus’s view that you take the picture whatever the cost – to yourself as well as the subject. I have always been uncomfortable with that notion. It says that nothing is too intimate, too private. It insists, too, on the primacy of the photograph over the experience.

Simon Roberts‘s story argues the opposite. On assignment in Zimbabwe, he visited the Mashambanzou Aids clinic where he encountered Priscilla Dzengwe, who had been raped as a child by her uncle and was HIV-positive. She was close to death, but curious and engaging. As they were talking, a group of local girls came in and began singing. “It was a haunting, spiritual and utterly captivating sound that filled the small room,” writes Roberts. “The girls, including Priscilla, began to cry as they sang. For the first time in my career, I felt physically unable to take a photograph.”

Would that experience have been the same, carried the same intensity for him, had he taken his camera out to photograph the scene? In doing so, he would inevitably have placed himself outside the experience. And, as he notes, “no image, however accomplished, could have captured the agonising poignancy of the moment. It was a moment to be lived, not framed, analysed or reduced in any way.”

The book is full of lost moments and missed opportunities, some poignant, some hilarious, some mysterious. (We never find out why Ballen did not photograph inside the witch doctor’s house. Was it superstition, or had he simply gone out without his camera?) One of the funniest is told by Matt Salacuse. As a struggling photographer in New York, he was waiting to meet his father in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, when he spotted Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman with their newborn adopted baby. Salacuse went outside and positioned himself by a waiting limo, waiting for the celebrity couple to emerge. Just as he was about to photograph them, Cruise looked straight at him and said calmly: “You’re not going to do that.” Salacuse writes: “It must have been some crazy Scientologist voodoo mind trick, because I looked at him and said, ‘You are right. I am not.’ And, I didn’t.”

Like the others, all that Salacuse was left with from his chance encounter was a story about a great photograph that never happened. Sometimes, as this book shows, that’s enough.

Now see this

Carole Callow, who has printed all of Lee Miller’s work since the photographer’s death, curates Through the Eyes of Lee Miller at Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonards on Sea. The show will focus on two sets of work: Miller’s portraits of Picasso and images taken at Farley Farm House in East Sussex. From 20 March until 21 April.

In London, Foto8 is showing Rob Hornstra’s images of Abkhazia, the coastal strip of the Black Sea once known as the Riviera of the Soviet Union. The Sochi Project: Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land runs until 5 April.

thank you guardian uk


Cindy Sherman and Robert Frank in the same sentence

February 20, 2012

coming back to new york city and reading the NY Times this past sunday, that is if i don’t read ‘the news that’s fit to print’ which seems to drive me up the wall these days and i am learning to just skip over it and read around the hard news finding the things that interest me i find interesting tidbits here and there. this one in arts and leisure

for starters there is this piece about MOMA’s upcoming Cindy Sherman Photography retrospective which i’ll go see during the week altho these shows are always mobbed with people moving along to the next experience. me i like to savory what’s in front of me, sort of like sex. i won’t be able to attend a pre-opening due to some rotator cuff appointments, ugh. i’ll just have to grin and bear it reading things like this just builds up my excitement.


Published: February 16, 2012
CINDY SHERMAN was looking for inspiration at the Spence Chapin Thrift Shop on the Upper East Side last month when she eyed a satin wedding dress. An elaborate confection, it had hand-sewn seed pearls forming flowers cascading down the front and dozens of tiny satin-covered buttons in the back from which the train gently hung like a Victorian bustle.
Cindy Sherman

The photographer Cindy Sherman in a rare pose as herself. More Photos »

self portrait
“It’s Arnold Scaasi,” the saleswoman said, as Ms. Sherman made a beeline for the dress. Unzipping the back the clerk showed off a row of labels, one with the year it was made — 1992 — and another with the name of the bride-to-be. “It has never been worn,” she added. As the story goes, when the gown was finished, the bride decided she didn’t like it.

Ms. Sherman appeared skeptical. Is this really what happened, or is the story just the cover for a jilted bride? One begged to know more.

That tantalizing sense of mystery and uneasiness are similar emotions viewers feel when they see one of Ms. Sherman’s elliptical photographs. Over the course of her remarkable 35-year career she has transformed herself into hundreds of different personas: the movie star, the valley girl, the angry housewife, the frustrated socialite, the Renaissance courtesan, the menacing clown, even the Roman god Bacchus. Some are closely cropped images; in others she is set against a backdrop that, as Ms. Sherman describes it, “are clues that tell a story.”

“None of the characters are me,” she explained, sipping a soda at a cafe near the shop that afternoon. “They’re everything but me. If it seems too close to me, it’s rejected.”

On this unseasonably warm afternoon Ms. Sherman, 58, had bicycled from her apartment in Lower Manhattan to discuss her landmark retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, which opens Feb. 26 and includes more than 170 photographs. Wearing no makeup, with leggings and sneakers and a tweed hat that carefully concealed her crash helmet, she looked totally inconspicuous, hardly the celebrated artist whose fans include Lady Gaga; Elton John, who collects her work; and Madonna, who sponsored a show of Ms. Sherman’s “Untitled Film Stills,” at the Museum of Modern Art in 1997.

Petite, with strawberry-blonde hair that falls to her shoulders, she is nothing like the larger-than-life characters she portrays in her self-portraits. Soft-spoken and friendly, she is very much a girl’s girl who can as easily giggle about men, movies and makeup as she can discuss literature and art.

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then in the Metropolitan section i find mention of forgotten Robert Franks promotional pictures shot for the NY Times on their Lens Blog  some twelve new york black and white pictures.

In 1958, the promotion department of The New York Times hired a young Swiss expat to take pictures that were collected in a slim hardcover book for prospective advertisers. The book, “New York Is,” extolled the virtues of the city and of the newspaper as the best way to tap its prosperous postwar consumers.

Some of the arrestingly elegant shots that resulted could have been taken by other fresh-eyed art or fashion photographers of the day, like William Klein or Roy DeCarava or Lillian Bassman, who died Monday at 94. But other pictures – snapped seemingly midstride; decidedly grainier and blurrier than commercial work at the time; defined by seas of inky black and oceans of shiny reflective surfaces – are unmistakably the work of only one man: Robert Frank, who with his masterpiece “The Americans,” published the following year, was to change the course of photography.

“New York Is” began as an ad campaign, and the book was distributed in 1959, showcasing two dozen of Mr. Frank’s pictures alongside snappy, boosterish captions. While the book has long been known in scholarly and rare-book circles, where copies now change hands for several thousand dollars, the prints, negatives and contact sheets Mr. Frank made for the project were long thought to have been lost amid shuffles of storage rooms and picture archives at The New York Times.

But Jeff Roth, an archivist at The Times, learned they had been rediscovered three years earlier by Helen Silverstein, the widow of Louis Silverstein, an influential designer who served for many years as the art director of The Times and who died in December. Mr. Silverstein was art director of the promotion department in the late 1950s and for commercial jobs often hired Mr. Frank, who wrote in a note for Mr. Silverstein’s memorial service in January: “He gave me moral support as well as financial – and this made my life in NYC possible.” (Mrs. Silverstein was later to be a producer and co-editor for Mr. Frank’s first feature-length film, “Me and My Brother.”)

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