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Peau magazine spring issue

May 3, 2016

Well Peau magazine is more than a one shot magazine as we’ve put together another issue, our spring 2016 issue on time. Our goal is to publish a quarterly magazine or at least see if there is interest from different collaborators to submit creative photographic work.

The spring issue has work from America and Europe.

Peau magazine is an international collaboration of artists, photographers and models coming together to show their work to our increasing shrinking planet. Peau magazine is dedicated to the beauty and landscape of the human form.

This issue we include the seasoned professional photographers and artists as well as people just starting out.

This issue includes the highly colorful work of experienced photographer Michael Mc Gowan who adorns the front cover and Stan Freedman, Robert Morris who are just beginning their journey.

Rickard Unge joins us from Sweden with his black & white figure studies of male dancers including gracing our rear cover. We discovered  the photomontage work of Jeffery Fletcher with his haunting series of females in nature describing his complicated developing process.

Carney Malone with his black & white studies of female nudes wearing only Gas Masks over their faces has a couple of different books in print, see the Blurb link here. Lastly we have another photographer Bruce Taylor, Pd.D who joins us from model society.

Print and free digital copies are available for sale  here 

We are working on the summer issue now and accepting submissions, contact me at for a submission form or to answer any questions you my have.

peau copies 0344 copy

Our first issue ( on the right) had Jack Cutler’s image on the front cover along with his Clandestine Exhibitions from his personal fine art photographic images. Next came my wife Mary Durante Youtt nude studies, Peter Le Grand, Jeffrey Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, and a few of my images.

We hope you will enjoy our endeavor and support or collaboration by buying copies and commenting on our Facebook page.

Thank you



trying something new for me, sensual couple shoot

October 28, 2012

the constant quest in my work is finding the right people to work with me, considering my limited budget, so what i find mostly are people just starting out who are willing to work for what i can afford. free is good but only worth what the value of the final product. sometimes the magic works sometimes it doesn’t. this couple was willing to experiment with me and since they are intimate what i was asking wasn’t much of a push, just basically be yourself with a tog in the room. doesn’t everyone have strobes flashing every once in a while concentrating on their partner. very natural setting.

i’ve no idea if this works more than my previous post where i am working on a different story. this setting isn’t what i preferred but it was where we were. i’d much rather had a living room or bedroom for a more natural feeling. from the lack of comments here considering the traffic on the site i don’t know what to think you think. so like most of life lived i am working in the dark.  i guess it’s appropriate since this is personal work. i am the one who needs to be happy and if i haven’t learned that by now i should just go off to a cave and sit down to rest.


there isn’t much i can say that doesn’t appear in these images they are posed from my suggestions. but mostly i tried to be a fly on the wall giving them a premise for them to work with and watched.

the double copyright is because i am working off their CD and running a action in PS because i didn’t want to resize the images. oh well lazy tog.  what i wanted to do with this session is explore the eroticism of a couple without being graphic or pornographic.


touching tasting



let us not forget we have a couple here so it’s time to see the other side of love

white thigh highs

and the final one here as she seems to really enjoy being touched

wonder what she’s thinking

who knows why people come to this site and see the images. do they all wear raincoats and sit in darken rooms? well as we wait for Sandy to come a calling we might be soon wearing raincoats ourselves. so before the power goes out i’ll post this then relax reading the sunday times and wonder who the hell are these people they are talking about. has the world gone to the dogs? i for one like dogs so maybe i should rephrase that to cats. dogs are more loving i think than cats who seem not to need very much from us. just my humble opinion.

so if i am able to record tenderness between people then i’ve been successful if not at least no one was harmed in the making of these images. i hope you my readers have enjoyed your valuable time spent here.







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