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Peau magazine spring issue

May 3, 2016

Well Peau magazine is more than a one shot magazine as we’ve put together another issue, our spring 2016 issue on time. Our goal is to publish a quarterly magazine or at least see if there is interest from different collaborators to submit creative photographic work.

The spring issue has work from America and Europe.

Peau magazine is an international collaboration of artists, photographers and models coming together to show their work to our increasing shrinking planet. Peau magazine is dedicated to the beauty and landscape of the human form.

This issue we include the seasoned professional photographers and artists as well as people just starting out.

This issue includes the highly colorful work of experienced photographer Michael Mc Gowan who adorns the front cover and Stan Freedman, Robert Morris who are just beginning their journey.

Rickard Unge joins us from Sweden with his black & white figure studies of male dancers including gracing our rear cover. We discovered  the photomontage work of Jeffery Fletcher with his haunting series of females in nature describing his complicated developing process.

Carney Malone with his black & white studies of female nudes wearing only Gas Masks over their faces has a couple of different books in print, see the Blurb link here. Lastly we have another photographer Bruce Taylor, Pd.D who joins us from model society.

Print and free digital copies are available for sale  here 

We are working on the summer issue now and accepting submissions, contact me at for a submission form or to answer any questions you my have.

peau copies 0344 copy

Our first issue ( on the right) had Jack Cutler’s image on the front cover along with his Clandestine Exhibitions from his personal fine art photographic images. Next came my wife Mary Durante Youtt nude studies, Peter Le Grand, Jeffrey Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, and a few of my images.

We hope you will enjoy our endeavor and support or collaboration by buying copies and commenting on our Facebook page.

Thank you



Back to dancers with Shibari

January 21, 2016

thrown in. I shoot as they come to me. people contact me about shooting together and i answer asking them to call me most never do. is talking to people too personal or having their phone number. one can always hide your telephone number my boss has his number come up as ‘unidentified caller’

but this dancer/model after a few emails actually called, maybe being a male he felt safer. i’ve had some women show up who i hoped were friendly because they could have kicked my ass.  but this is the age of FEAR it’s all around us every where we listen os see we are assaulted with guns, shootings, beheadings why did that become popular again? WTF

i love working with dancers and dance it appears so free yet to make something look effortless that’s a lot of effort. when i was a kid and the grown ups were gone i would dance to the radio thinking i was Fred Astaire. i didn’t have any dance training who needs training to express joy of movement? i think this western society is the only society who thinks one needs to learn how to dance.

today working with two different opposite art forms, free dance and restricted Shibari can be fun. discovery is always fun except maybe sticking a screwdriver into an open electric socket.



Masa being a young japanese dancer was fumular  with Shibari and wanted different types of pictures for his portfolio was a willing subject, very inhibited.


reaching out

with grace. i love the shape of his hand. i am very lucky to work with such talented people.



at my age i am not sure if my knees would be able to do this for long.


adding lights

i started with two lights turned one off but basically kept to two lights, as i say i am trying to learn a craft here.


i love shadows and sometimes things work out when working with sculptures.


when i first looked through the files i was very disappointed because when we began i turned off the autofocus and all i saw were fuzzy out of focus images. ECK.

true this blog is called fuzzy pictures but there are acceptable limits. but after awhile i changed techniques and moved into rope work.


here again i love his hands they are so expressive.


his warrior pose looking forward naked and open to the world.


so not to being one to leave things alone i added a prop, sparing no expense i moved a ladder on the set.


i think this looks better in black & white using the ladder for support.


but here are my favs from the shoot not that i don’t like these or i wouldn’t share them.


this reminds me of the cross in the roman colosseum


oh well that’s all i have for today.

waiting for people to return my requests to speak in person, so may people don’t like to call on their phones and talk,  i see so many people looking at their phones on the subway or walking on the street, models, hair people and makeup chairs just don’t make phone calls. people do or don’t.

i understand why television executives are afraid of a ringing phone because they usually mean trouble. one has to make a decision and that means being accountable. being semi retired i don’t have that problem but if i want to collaborate with people we need to talk, at least say hello.


New work, male nude, ode to old master painters.

June 28, 2015

Yes as it says i went back in the studio after meeting this fellow you never know what’s going to happen , at least i don’t. i am sure there are a million togs out there who know everything about their camera settings and what adjustments will effect what and how so. me it’s a crap shoot.

I do know lighting so that is a plus and just learning model direction but i am still shy about that, why? –  guess it was the way i was raised. Not to say i haven’t learned a few things pushing the shutter button as often as i have. i am not stupid, i just act that way sometimes.

Warning there is male nudity here which might be offensive to some while others might be looking for it.

I hope my readers aren’t offended by this but this is what i seem to do best, studio lighting, just learning other stuff.



While the model was willing to pose naked he wasn’t that interested in have his name or face posted on the internet which isn’t a problem for me.

male nude sitting

male nude sitting

so i began to feature his hands because most people don’t know what to do with them during a photography session so why not begin there. he’s not an experienced model just has a nice body. Looking through the images these reminded me of some of the landscape images i got in Antelope Valley slot canyons see my photo shelter web site

hands on knees

hands on knees

Because of the time of day and the heat temperature in studio i shot these using my White lightning strobes, this image is just one downlight.

male midsection

male nude torso

below is one of the images he thinks is beautiful. yes it does show his body which is what he was interested in doing.

male nude torso

male nude torso

now these are just quick picks of the raw files nothing much done to them, made some levels adjustments. i get tired of shooting the same things over and over so i move on. I showed a print of another fellow i shot years ago. he liked it so i dug around pulling out a piece of wrinkled fabric, here thry this on.

draped nude male

draped nude male

‘what do i do?’  he asked. just move around feel the fabric i answered.

male nude torso

male nude torso

you can see he has a nice body and deep set eyes which worked for me and my lighting style. i decided to try something different since this black fabric poked out when pulling the other fabric from the box.

black drapped male nude

black drapped male nude

what a line huh? I always tell people i don’t need a hundred images just one or two, well here is one. below is anoher untouched image i’ll work on.

_MG_0922 copy

nude in black

nude in black

again the movement wasn’t working as well as i wanted so we sat down on the floor.



abstract male nude

abstract male nude



portrait ll

portrait ll

i like the first one better

I will end this post with my all time favorite image not to say the other images aren’t good and all my little darlings this one was developed in camera as i knew what I was going for.

1st image

1st image is the keeper. My Caravaggio, see his work here or it could be a Rembrandt van Rijn here

_MG_1020 copy

Both of whom we have seen as paintings in person while traveling in Europe. the above image reminds me of one of Rembrandt’s self portraits.

These paintings Rembrandt’s and Caravaggio’s are so awe inspiring to me which i’ve always had a hard time thinking my work might be. but at this point in my life maybe i can hit one out every once in a while.


this weeks work or how do you stay warm naked?

January 21, 2012

i invited mary over to help out for this shoot i had earlier this week when a  model contacted as he was looking for some edgy shots to add to his portfolio. EDGY a word i’ve come to associate with chalk on a blackboard, but i thought what the hell, i do need to check my camera after coming back from repair and this would be a good exercise for all of us.

james, we will call him, had some ideas he’d like to try out and i’ve always come up with something to try myself and mary was a willing helper, it may look easy but when ever i create something it’s from hard work and maybe a bit of luck.

we started with some normal head shots which aren’t going to be included today because i came out to the house anticipating a snow storm to hit at midnight  and i only looked at the proofs this afternoon and pulled off the ones that interested me.

in the cave

james wanted to start off  clothed until i guess he felt comfortable which i can understand  but very quickly shed his clothing. i pulled out this background which i haven’t used in years but it gave me nothing but problems. the main problem was i was shooting with my white lightning strobes and mary was shooting tungsten. i pulled out a couple of omnis and put them up as cross lights and had a couple modeling lights on my strobes. she had to push her iso but never said anything. she posted a couple of her images on her blog NY Metro Art Scene which i though looked pretty good.


but i just wasn’t too happy with my choice of backgrounds. the only way this one works is if i can keep all the light off it.

male nude

but at least we could change it without too much trouble and we when with a plain black no seam with a cane back chair.


i am not sure i’ll ever get a fashion booking from this type of lighting but i find it interesting and dramatic. but as i said earlier we are skipping a lot of pictures because i see different things that interest me like the next picture shows. oh and i did have to catch a bus home tonight.


as much as i like shadows there are the hands, i tried to get more tension or capture the tension there  but i think i might have missed it, oh well


or this one. i did have a nickname when i lit a soap opera as the prince of darkness

another angle

 oh well no animals were harmed in the making of these images which is always a good thing.


Robert Cornelius awards winner’s list woopee

October 14, 2010

Press and Media:
You may request images of the awards to



The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
announces the awardees of

Juried by Stephen Perloff (Founder and Publisher, The Photo Review)


band on the run

















Winner of the Robert Cornelius Portrait Award:
Sandra Chen Weinstein (USA) for her work Band on the Run


Runner Ups  

Tom Chambers, Francesca Fago, James Thomas Josephs,Abel de Leon Trespando,

Jimmy Williams, Frank Rodick, Sarah Corbins, Sonia Paulino, Ken Merfeld,

Natalia Engelhardt, Joy Goldkind, Glennis Siverson, Estelle Dougier,

Francisco Bermejo,Gloria Baker Feinstein, Frank Rodick, Beth Yarnelle Edwards

Category winners:

Digital Manipulation:

First Prize: Tom Chambers (US), “Meant for Love”

Editorial and Documentary:

First Prize: Francesca Fago (Italy), “Eyes of Africa”

Figure and Nude:

First Prize: James Thomas Josephs (USA), “Papa John 05”


First Prize: Abel de Leon Trespando (Spain), “Refugian”

Performing Arts:

First Prize: Jimmy Williams (USA), “Bishop Dreary and Marie Manning”


First Prize: Frank Rodick (Canada), “Three Studies for a Mouth”

Self Portrait:

First Prize: Desert

Alternative Processes:

First Prize: Desert

Honorable Mentions:

Sarah Corbins (USA), “Kinescape”

Sonia Paulino (USA), “Jackie and Dolce, Echo Park”

Ken Merfeld (SA), “Senora Plastica”

Natalia Engelhardt (USA), “Stasya, Moscow 2007”

Joy Goldkind (USA), “Image 6231”

Glennis Silverson (USA), “Conjoined”

Estelle Dougier (France), “Sleeping Beauty”

Francisco Bermejo (Chile), “A circus child in his trailer, Chile”

Abel de Leon Trespando (Spain), “Betty Lakhone”

Gloria Baker Feinstein (USA), “Elise and Coco”

Beth Yarnelle Edwards (USA), “Katherine M.”

Ken Merfeld (USA), “Awele”

Julie Ramage (France), “Portrait 1”

Sally Dennison (USA), “Ingrid”

Virginia Saunders (USA), “Incognito”

Braden Summers (USA), “We Can’t Do It Alone”

Bill Jackson (UK), “The Man Who Shot Weegee”

Nic Lyons (USA), “Self Portrait with Geiser Counter”

Teri Havens (USA), “Charlotte, 2008”

Graham Crouch (India), “Hunger”

Heather McClintock (USA), “Obwana Patrick Koch Lila Chope, Uganda”

Kurt Hoerbst (Austria), “Tagar, 30 with his 3 daughters”

Nancy Newberry (USA), “Untitled form the series MUM”

Pierpaolo Mittica (Italy), “Sulfur Miner blinder by toxic fumes”

Mark Sharfman (USA), “Has Pollock worked for Playboy”

Joy Goldkind (USA), “Adagio 47”

Anna Tomczak (USA), “From the Garden”

Jene Youtt (USA), “Fall

Ken Merfeld (USA), “Nobuko¡s ki”

Joydeep Mukherjee (India), “His Master”

Nina Doran (USA), “Untitled, Harlem, NYC”

Jimmy Williams (USA), “John Dee Holeman”

Lee Tonks (USA), “Ballerina Obscura 2″

Nicholas Fedak II (USA), Baby Blue”

Mark Tedeschi (Australia), “Snake Man”

Claire Schneider (USA), “Megan Miracle”

Alyson Aliano (USA), “Angelina Valentine, Porn Star”

Robert Kalman (USA), “Police, Nicaragua”

Laetitia Molenaar (Netherlands), “Automated Face Processing #2, Fay”

Paul Murphy (UK), “East End Portrait 3”

Charlotte Draycott (UK), “Untitled 3”

Stu Levy (USA), “Walter Chappell”

Ellin Hoyland (Norway), “Brothers No 1”

Steven Beckly (Canada), “Everything Must Break To Be Beautiful”

Ellen Rennard (USA), “Ponce”

Linda Elvira Piedra (USA), “Alchemy, El Rito, 1997”

Mare Vaccaro (USA), “Secrets”

Angela Bacon-Kidwell (USA), “Balance”


and the good news is that i made honorable mention with the “Fall” 


the fall

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