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Peau magazine spring issue

May 3, 2016

Well Peau magazine is more than a one shot magazine as we’ve put together another issue, our spring 2016 issue on time. Our goal is to publish a quarterly magazine or at least see if there is interest from different collaborators to submit creative photographic work.

The spring issue has work from America and Europe.

Peau magazine is an international collaboration of artists, photographers and models coming together to show their work to our increasing shrinking planet. Peau magazine is dedicated to the beauty and landscape of the human form.

This issue we include the seasoned professional photographers and artists as well as people just starting out.

This issue includes the highly colorful work of experienced photographer Michael Mc Gowan who adorns the front cover and Stan Freedman, Robert Morris who are just beginning their journey.

Rickard Unge joins us from Sweden with his black & white figure studies of male dancers including gracing our rear cover. We discovered  the photomontage work of Jeffery Fletcher with his haunting series of females in nature describing his complicated developing process.

Carney Malone with his black & white studies of female nudes wearing only Gas Masks over their faces has a couple of different books in print, see the Blurb link here. Lastly we have another photographer Bruce Taylor, Pd.D who joins us from model society.

Print and free digital copies are available for sale  here 

We are working on the summer issue now and accepting submissions, contact me at for a submission form or to answer any questions you my have.

peau copies 0344 copy

Our first issue ( on the right) had Jack Cutler’s image on the front cover along with his Clandestine Exhibitions from his personal fine art photographic images. Next came my wife Mary Durante Youtt nude studies, Peter Le Grand, Jeffrey Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, and a few of my images.

We hope you will enjoy our endeavor and support or collaboration by buying copies and commenting on our Facebook page.

Thank you



I shoot them as they come to me

February 21, 2016

I don’t know what it is about people when i reach out to them but they always surprise me. ya you never really know what will walk in the door, they could be better than hoped for or have put on ten or twenty pounds. is it me needing to be more decerning ?  i am not desperate to create art. sometimes i even doubt the art part. sometimes the magic works and something it doesn’t ya just go on to the the next one, and you don’t know that about one either.

so i  begin with the first model whom i had high hopes for. i loved a couple pictures in her port done 9 months ago. different photographer with different eye shooting different pictures.

where to begin, everything has a beginning


i tried to use this large satin material and these pink leather cuffs but most of the pictures wound up on the editing floor.


i was looking for something very romantic but there isn’t anything remotely romantic here. my direction, could be ?  models perception who knows? the first mistake was how the satin was arranged a big mistake here. i tried just didn’t hit a winner here,  time to move on and learn not to do that again.


the model was willing to try this or that and since i don’t know what i am doing then how do i know if i succeed? i did learn something i never knew or asked about. what are those bumps around her areola see this link for an explanation.


just keep trying like Edison with the light bulb. i think she was getting the proper attitude i like her pride here


or at least trying her willingness great but good pictures are in the details


here she couldn’t get nipple lassos on straight. think i need a female stylist. touching naked strangers isn’t proper photographic etiquette….. i just hate struggles  ugh


so we changed ropes


which she liked because she posted these on her site.


but i still didn’t have what i wanted so quickly before time ran out i tried this ankle restraint.

shoes 0211

none,not quite there too much ps way over exposed but going in right direction

shoes 0223

so here with a simple black card leaned against the record cabinet i got this, yes some levels adjustments but testing my i statement ‘i only need one or two good images from a shoot’ here it is. the title is ‘going someplace?’






seems i can’t stay out of trouble

April 25, 2013

i’ve not been shooting much these days and sometimes that bothers me. to tell the truth i’ve not found something that interests me. so drawn between the two extremes of not creating or trying to create just never turns out that pleasing. sometimes the magic works but mostly it fizzles nowhere.  one never knows the quality of models posting on craigslist or model mayhem for that matter they are all professional models, or so they say. heck i’ve never said i was a fashion tog, one would never think that looking at my portfolio. maybe in some art director head my look would look good in an upcoming campaign but they won’t be looking for my vision any time soon.

i continue to look around for interesting people to work with as i did with this model contacting her. she was eager to work with me after seeing my portfolio. she set up a date and i thought why not? she had posted a couple interesting pics on her modeling page which i thought i could work. when she showed up here she didn’t bring the stuff i had requested.

i really need to discerning when it comes to my work, but i though well i can make this work. so i had her try on this outfit.

red camisole

red camisole

we took a couple of these which turned out ok. as i said i am not a big fashion photographer but i think it’s nice to have lingerie in ones portfolio. we quickly moved on to this outfit.

amy lo

then on to this

amy lo

i give my models a prop so they have something to do with their hands. hopefully it will inspire them to do something creative with it. below wearing a black scarf.

amy lohere is a multi colored cloth belt



now i move onto the last a red silk cloth which she loved how it felt, who wouldn’t?


finally winding up here.


i sent her a copy of the first image retouched a bit because she had what i’d call problem skin, lots of bumps and her answer was could i retouch her face? i said i had already done some and felt doing anymore would be dishonest. she didn’t like that oh well.

but i posted a question on model mayhem retouching forums about retouching a models portfolios for her saying i thought it dishonest. would i have considered working with her because all the facial skin issues? probably not. so i am the ogre here.

oh well

more nude females and a few ideas about love

October 4, 2012

ok after posting this i can take a break maybe do some exercises, go for walk anything to get me away from computer. the lights not right to do construction shoot today but tomorrow should be sunny which is what i need.

this morning i did final, odd word final, is anything final, especially in the creative world ? but good word for now which gives me breathing room in my life. every day, if i am lucky enough to have finished the last one i put together a ‘to do list’ otherwise my monkey mind will take me on some pretty weird journeys. the list keeps me on track.

last weeks ‘Men in raincoats’ shoot happened and i am just finishing up my edits. notice i didn’t say final.  i contacted the model and asked for her email but i probably have than on the release, duh. two hours is all i can spend shooting nowadays before i get bored with nudes. this woman had a clock running inside of her which was fine, bing two hours up.

i’ll put then up in no real order then see how it looks

smoking female

and here is the original


i like the smoke better than plain old no-seam paper

i got a great comment the other day from a chicago tog who shared another web hosting site musecube years ago but that when downhill because of the quality of work posted in it’s latter day.paying customers aren’t always the best ones, but there was time when that was a cool community. i learned so much there from guys & gals from around the world. they all shared their expertise and critiques. everyone did something different but in the same field. my problem with musecube was the google ranking somewhere on the 5 or 7th page for my site. great layout but poor customer service.

eck more smoke

i was reminded how infrequently people have kind words uttered into their ears in this hub a bub me world. where did this rush around the world come from? don’t we remember what it’s like to be held ? to be told we are good people ? that we are loved ? does thinking about someone else really take that much time ? away from what ? isn’t living on this planet about sharing ?

alan watts once said the reason we have skin is so we can touch the world, or we’d just ooze out all over the place and make a big mess.


i am lucky to have someone in my life to share it with. it”s been a long long time trying to build a life alone and this way is much much better. i never realized the difference between my ideal and real life. yes i knew there is no different between giving and receiving both being the same action until i found a truly giving does make a difference and makes getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile. i must recommend this to those readers out there who are thinking about relationships. if you reach out to someone they just might reach back to you. that’s how it works.


i know i know more cloth?

so now i feel as if i’ve done my work for this morning even tho it’s early afternoon and can go on living my life. the men in raincoats are happy, i guess they are in raincoats because looking at the search terms showing that lots of people find their way to fuzzypictures through nude female queries. nude this, nude that. oh well if i didn’t make nudes then they wouldn’t come here and it does look like rain out there.

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