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Grey day play

December 12, 2016

Be forewarned there is female nudity here so if it offends you leave before viewing.

The other day a traveling model from Model mayhem recontacted me about shooting together and this has been a slow month maybe even longer than a month since shooting and I liked a couple of her portfolio pictures and I though, why not? I just had a cancelation on another shoot and I was ready. I do get excited about shoots even a headshot, my wife describes this as nervous but I think of it as anticipation which I think we artists all share. Will I be good enough, will what ever I am planing work, will people laugh at me? They have. Taking photos isn’t a life and death situation unless it is.

As you can read latter in this post how I screwed up during this session. Oh well.

Zi rang my bell 7 minutes before the arranged time, that’s a positive sign which means she’s professional and a smart lady even caught some type o’s in my model release, cool. We talked about makeup well lipstick color which she applied while I pulled down the paper. Then we looked through some clothes I had and made a pile to try.


Beginning with this jacket I don’t remember having, it’s nice to discover something new. I really didn’t need to direct her because she would go from pose after hearing the click of the shutter. I see I should have fixed her face as it looks rough in this pose. I do try and make women look nice, must be something I got from my mother.


Since the lighting is mostly set up I usually turn on and turn off units as needed. Which gets boring and I keep telling myself I need to  get out of this rut. But here I go again.


I don’t think she ever said no to anything I suggested. A lovely pleasant young woman easy to work with.




She did most of the work all I did was plug and unplug things and push the shutter. She had some Shibari rope work in her portfolio and I had asked her if she was up for it. ‘Sure’. She has her own rigger which is a bit intimidating to me the beginner.


This is what I came up with her. I’ve always wanted to do a braided tie like this, I don ‘t know the names these ties but go on the visual effect


not too bold but interesting for just one rope length.There feels as something is incomplete with this tie as it goes around the waist with no beginning nor end. Is there ever?


we tried on the different clothes again. Someone had given me this headdress awhile ago but never found the opportunity I think it works here.


We talked during the shoot to loose the Voyeuristic quality of the moments and to become human beings and not objects. I guess Zi would be called a ‘rope bunny’ which is what women are called who enjoy the freedom of being bound.


Zi has a boyfriend and a different rope play partner/rigger receiving different needs from both. Working with these women is so insightful for me from the first woman who said she enjoyed being tied up. That surprised me somewhat as we had never talked about that before. But the more I learn the more I know.


That there is a freedom and delicacy in not being in charge. Hell I get that feeling of not being in charge when ever I go to work at the Beacon as soon as I leave the house.


At some point in time I accidentally moved the sync shutter speed out of sync with the flash units, going up to 250 from Canon 200. Check, check, check remember to take off lens cap.Check shutter speeds.

As you can see here the right side of the above picture is dark because stupid me didn’t check the shutter speed as I had moved it off the sync speed. Imagine my chagrin when looking at them in bridge.Sometimes I shoot bigger thinking I will crop latter but then I get so involved I forget, oops.So a few didn’t make the HD.


This one only the chair is darker so no big deal


But most of this series on the rug is trash as you can see below.Ugh



I am glad someone wasn’t paying me for this shoot. All though I did pull something out of this but nothing is perfect. Oh well.



These below I managed to save  because of cropping


Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. What I was trying to do here is show off this lovely woman who had worked so hard for me.


It wasn’t an unproductive afternoon for neither of us. I learned an important part of photography check, check, check everything. I always say it not quantity but quality


so if I only get a few pictures I can use fine. This afternoon I connected with another human being and made a few enjoyable pictures. _mg_3619

So this is all I have to share today. I hope my few readers enjoy my efforts. At least two of us walked away with something we came for.Then as planned I took a nap.


this weeks work or play, whatever you call it

June 1, 2012

it’s exhausting and exciting creating. so exhausting setting up the studio from a living area but that’s the only way i can afford to make images with people. maybe i am going about this the wrong way but i really don’t know of another way. it’s like the rest of my life learn a trade then go about practice it. some become masters, i am considered  pretty good at what i do but don’t ask me.

all i see are the missed shots, the ones i could have done better, i must have funny eyes in order to see this way or could it be my irish heritage? but it is what it is and i do best i can, as Phoo would say ‘with a very small brain.’

i’ve been meaning to write again about apple and so many other things that course through my brain, for a small one it’s pretty active. but i just finished up on this photo shoot, editing and doing the post production that saves my ass. i can only fix the fixable nothing can save stupidity.

i contact a few people a week on model mayhem some who are looking for work some want to be’s looking for a professional photographer, makes me smile some i just shake my head at. but some are sincere so you never know what will walk through the door. this is what we start with.

semi nude beginning

not impressed? me neither but wait these’s more, i must admit michelle does have some bumps on her forehead which i softened in PS 4 as my PS 6 trial is over. i’ll probably buy 6 for some of it’s features but not today.

over the shoulder,

what i wanted to shoot  with this woman was lingerie but she didn’t have any outfits that matched other than this garter belt that i liked and i’ve none to share with her.

garter strap

so now what am i going to do? mary bought some hats weeks ago so i’d give this a try

almost a halo

thanks TJ Max but michelle brought her fur wrap which we used

rabbit fur

more fur fun

but see the spectral lens refractions, lighting problems all day but i include this image because i like michelle’s quality

i also had another new toy some satin fabric one of my  jobs was throwing out so i dragged that back to studio

white satin with nude

which reminds me of ‘Last tango in Paris’ and i’ve no idea why


now that’s a nice sandwich, as the say at the stage deli

i tried to keep things simple, well simple for me at least.  but i am pretty committed to learning to work with my white lightning strobes instead of my tungsten lighting. i should sell it , way too much space lost to stuff.

take care and good night, i’ll be gone for a week or so doing the tony’s to earn a few bucks for gas money for the guzzler. last weekend driving back from the shore a NJ trooper pulled in behind us, then along side until he was in front, just looking at the car. people do that because it’s not every day you see american history before your eyes.

1970 mercury xr7 cougar convertible.


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