A new beginning to an old life

Ok here it is Saturday and what have I done ? Years ago I started the day listening to a NJ collage radio station playing a Allen Watts teaching series tape. Today I listened to a Ram Dass CD teaching session.Hummmmm

Allen Watts started me on a long journey to find the lost little boy I had become. It’s not easy touching the elusive truth nor facing reality. I still have a hard remembering who I want to be or was.

I’ve decided since Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are such creeps that I would write personal stuff on my Fuzzypictures web blog. It began by me posting my pictures but since I am not doing that right now I thought I post some remembrances of my life for a few chuckles. That way Zuckerberg won’t profit from my ramblings or know more about me.

A waste of time probably but at least I can listen to my breath while typing. Maybe some positive vibes or connections will appear. What else is there but to sit here listening to my breathing and not let my silly mind keep wandering distracting my breathing and listening. Silly mind takes the cake.

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