Granby to Reno

Getting ready to move on to our next destination Reno, NV we wait at the Amtrak station for our two-hour delayed train. It seems there is always something happening to trains. The first delay we had was a two-hour delay from Chicago to Granby; we got stuck behind a freight train that had engine trouble. Seems freight has the right of way, that’s capitalism for you.

This happen again leaving Granby.

Granby waiting room

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from Amtrak in our inn informing us of a problem. Amtrak has a good web site and phone system keeping travelers up to date on schedules, their 1 800 USA Rail or status on the web. Very cool.

Good by Granby hello Reno.

train arriving

hopping a ride to reno

But soon enough our train came along and we were on our way to meeting mary’s friends in Reno. It had been a long time since they had seen each other, as they were part of mary’s camping and work group where people who worked together camped out on weekends at some country park.

We’ve been told the next leg through Utah would be one of the best scenic parts of the trip and it was pretty cool.

byers cynByers cyn

Byers cyn

It was nice for me to come along and meet all these different people in mary’s life, after all I was an important part of mary’s life now. This great American adventure had a purpose as we were on our way to be married in Mendocino, ca by mary’s best friend from collage.

My friends are scattered all across America and none along this route. We had originally planed to drive across America in our newly restored 1970 Mercury XR 7 convertible but that had been delayed by numerous events and delays. The car will be on the road soon but the time and weather just didn’t permit doing the trek at this time.

and this way we get to see a part of this great country without being exausted all the time. so we traveled through utah in a different mind set.

Ducks in Colorado river

canyon wall


Colorado river Utah

Mary had decided we’d get married on our anniversary; one so I might have a better time remembering when it was and two; it would be more romantic that way. I had no objections to what ever she wanted. That is a big part of our life being able to allow the other person to get what they want. Mary’s good at that and I am learning how to allow that to happen. This relationship is not all about me and that’s a good thing.

She has brought so much joy into my life and the idea of letting go, laying back and allowing her to have her way has brought me such joy, that had I been I charge I might have muddled with things and screwed things up. Allowing is a pretty good way of being. As I said it’s not all about me.
as night falls on our window it starts to rain

sunset in utah

rain drops on window

Reno is a strange town. We were told the train station was in the middle of town and the train actually blocked traffic but that wasn’t the case as they have renovated the train tracks and put up an exhibit in the station showing artifacts from wild west Reno, old bottles, shards of pottery and lots of pictures.

We were there during the election and one of the biggest fears is that Sharon Engels might be elected as a senator and it was really too close an election. Her message seemed to be electing someone ignorant of government role in our society and made it smaller, a popular position in this election, some have won office on that same platform. I wonder what has happen to  ‘an informed elect’ that is the basis of our democracy. Oh well.

The only thing to see in Reno for me is Lake Tahoe. Rose took us for a drive up there and a glass of wine lakeside. A lovely sunny afternoon and I can see why people say it’s a jewel of the west.  The rest of Reno evolves around the casinos and gambling. But mary’s friends are nice and we enjoy our couple of days of visiting, meeting the grown young women who were children when last seen. Life moves on. As we do, continuing along the tracks to Martinez, Ca our last train station, now switching to a bus up California way to Willits, ca gateway to the redwoods.  Then being picked up and driven to Mendocino our final destination for our marriage.

That is the point of this whole trip. To be married by mary’s best friend who couldn’t come to what is now referred to as our ‘intent’ ceremony where we spoke our vows to love and cherish each other, done at the house in New Jersey in front of friends and family.

but more on reno lake tahoe later………….


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